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Reasons to Hire a Certified Arborist

You wouldn’t hire a dermatologist if you need knee surgery, and certainly, you will not choose a medical professional who wasn’t board-certified. You understand that getting treatment from someone without the proper credentials is very risky. Did you know that the same holds true when it comes to choosing a tree care professional? Learn more about the reasons why it’s important to choose a landscaping... Learn More

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3 Commercial Landscaping Services That Can Improve Your Property This Year

If you own a business, there are several commercial landscaping services that can take your property from drab to fab. Sadly, numerous landscaping businesses are content to do the bare minimum, like keeping the bushes pruned and the grass mowed. On the contrary, Southern Botanical has a real passion for creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Here is a sneak peek at some of the ways we help our... Learn More


Tree Selection, Installation, and Maintenance

Southern Botanical offers comprehensive tree services, from tree trimming, and pruning to water management and soil care. Our tree maintenance teams, which include certified arborists, have the capabilities and experience to provide tree care services for your commercial property. Whether you need… Expert advice in selecting the right trees to enhance your commercial space A tree care... Learn More

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Commercial Landscaping: Your Landscape is an Extension of Your Business

Partnering with a reliable commercial landscaping company for your company’s landscaping needs is a fantastic way to enhance people’s perception of your business. Southern Botanical has more than 27 years of experience when it comes to meticulously caring for landscapes with an eye for perfection, and our expertise and skills combined with your vision can make your property stand out from the... Learn More


Enhance Your Commercial Landscape with these Top Services

A lot of people go to business establishments during winter. The most successful property owners and managers know that the customer experience starts the moment their property comes into view. And because the exterior of your property is your first client touchpoint, use your landscape to attract your audience. Below are some top commercial landscaping services that will make your property stand... Learn More


Commercial Landscape Budget Advice from the Pros

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen properties with mismatched flowers and messy interiors as their welcoming greeting. We cannot deny passing some unflattering judgment on these properties. Fortunately, many property managers want to leave a good impression that resonates with their target customers. Yes, the appearance of your business exterior has a huge impact on your business, so making it a priority is... Learn More