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Top Benefits of Using Mulch on Your Commercial Property

For centuries, mulch has been used in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping due to several good reasons. Mulch is any material that protects the soil's surface. One of the benefits of using mulch on your commercial landscape is its visual appeal. It also helps reduce weed growth and offers a low-maintenance alternative to provide ground coverage in heavily trafficked areas where maintaining healthy turf is... Learn More

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Southern Botanical Offers These Expert Commercial Landscaping Services

Southern Botanical provides a comprehensive range of commercial landscaping services that extend beyond basic lawn maintenance. Our offerings include complete grounds care, and we tailor our service plans to meet the unique requirements of each property we serve. Our commitment to enhancing the areas we serve is visible for all to see. Customizable Service Plans Since 1995, we have been... Learn More


Turf Care: Keep Your Lawn Green with Southern Botanical

As the sun shines harder and the weather gets warmer, it takes expertise and experience to keep your landscape green and healthy. Insects, dryness, and various other factors can cause brown patches on your lawn, but with the help of Southern Botanical's commercial lawn management, our landscaping professionals can ensure that your property stays green with expert turf care. Below are some common reasons... Learn More

Tips on Choosing the Right Landscaping Partner

It can be time-consuming to find the perfect landscaping partner for you. Discovering the right Dallas commercial landscaping company requires thorough research on the company and its teams, to ensure that you are getting all the right services that your company requires. During your research on commercial landscaping providers, here are four questions that you can consider asking. Does the... Learn More


Optimal Use of Ground Covers in Commercial Landscaping

Ground covers are generally low-lying, perennial plants that spread and creep across areas of your landscape, providing aesthetic appeal while requiring little upkeep. Ground cover plants, much like mulch, offer a cost-effective solution for covering soil and add visual interest to a landscape design. These reliable and efficient plants are available in a diverse range of textures and colors, and they... Learn More


How Your Landscape Affects Your Company’s Image

First impressions are crucial, and your business' landscaping is one of the first things that your customers notice when they approach or pass by your property. Partnering with a Dallas commercial landscaping service provider can prove beneficial for your brand as it lets your customers and potential clients experience the level of excellence and precision that your business represents. Below are... Learn More