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How Your Landscape Affects Your Company’s Image

First impressions are crucial, and your business' landscaping is one of the first things that your customers notice when they approach or pass by your property. Partnering with a Dallas commercial landscaping service provider can prove beneficial for your brand as it lets your customers and potential clients experience the level of excellence and precision that your business represents. Below are... Learn More

Chinch Bugs: How to Identify & Get Rid of Them

Are you welcoming spring with open arms? You are not alone – the chinch bugs are, too! These pesky bugs can pack a mighty punch on your property, transforming it from healthy to languishing in a flash. It’s highly possible that you have seen a lawn that has been infested with chinch bugs but didn’t know it. This is because chinch bug damage closely mimics that of drought. Below are some tips... Learn More


Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Spring

Spring is almost upon us – the season of growth! Sufficiently prepared commercial landscapes have survived the cold months, however, now is high time to start preparing for warmer weather. Planning ahead defines our maintenance services at Southern Botanical. Adequate preparation ensures that your property is ready for the coming seasons and all that comes with it, including more visitors taking advantage... Learn More


Keeping Your Shrubs Healthy Through Pruning

The warmer months are an especially challenging time in Texas due to the hot climate, which means that you’ll have to dedicate more time and care to your plants to ensure that they make it through the season healthy and looking great. First, you’ll want to ensure that your plants and shrubs are fed with the nutrients they need, so it’s important that they are fertilized during the months leading up to... Learn More

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Care Service

When it comes to tree maintenance and care, it’s best to seek professional help. However, the selection process can be daunting. If you received satisfactory answers to the questions below, then you have found the right tree care service partner. How long has the company been in business? A strong safety record, longevity in the industry, and a wealth of experience, are sound indicators of... Learn More

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Environmental Benefits of Healthy Landscapes

Many people understand the importance of having a healthy landscape for making that ever-important curb appeal, as well as contributing to the overall beautification of the community. However, the environmental benefits of responsible and sustainable landscaping are creating a significant difference in sustainability efforts on a global scale. In fact, creating and maintaining sustainable green spaces... Learn More