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The Benchmark is Southern Botanical’s blog dedicated to providing the most helpful landscaping resources, landscape news and expert insights from our team of experts. We cover information related to the landscaping industry and strive to be a reliable source of knowledge for landscaping services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all over Texas. Check out our blog posts and resources below to stay informed!


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For more than 27 years, Southern Botanical has helped homeowners and property managers enhance their landscapes through in-depth resources and educational articles. Learn from our team of highly-skilled Dallas landscaping professionals today.


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The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is an important step in tree care, especially when trees and shrubs are planted outside of their natural habitat. Trees grown on private and commercial properties do not have the same soil conditions that you’d find in the wild. Because of this, trees often need supplemental nutrition in order to be at their healthiest.

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Listen: Southern Botanical’s Jason Craven & Dylan Richmond were featured on “Growing in the Green Industry” Podcast

Southern Botanical’s Jason Craven & Dylan Richmond were featured on “Growing in the Green Industry” Podcast

Our own Jason Craven & Dylan Richmond were welcomed onto the Growing in the Green Industry podcast to discuss the importance of getting back to the basics. ⁠

Check out season 2 episode 19 to hear more!


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Landscape Maintenance

Our expert team meticulously cares for commercial landscapes with unmatched service & an eye for perfection.

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Landscape Installation

We are experts at creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor environments & setting them up to thrive.

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Irrigation Control

Diversify & protect your landscape with an efficient irrigation system that is installed & managed by our expert team.

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Tree Care & Trimming

We offer comprehensive commercial tree care services from pruning & trimming to soil care & water management.

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Fertilization Programs

We offer comprehensive fertilization programs for your entire landscape.

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Seasonal Enhancements

New colors, additions, and safeguards can be added to your landscape & completely handled by our team.


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