Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance, Tree Care & Trimming

Tree Selection, Installation, and Maintenance

Tree Selection, Installation, and Maintenance

Southern Botanical offers comprehensive tree services, from tree trimming, and pruning to water management and soil care. Our tree maintenance teams, which include certified arborists, have the capabilities and experience to provide tree care services for your commercial property. Whether you need…

  • Expert advice in selecting the right trees to enhance your commercial space
  • A tree care maintenance program that takes the hassle out of caring for your trees properly
  • Strategies that help improve the appearance of your trees

Our team of specialized tree experts can develop a plan that meets your expectations and your landscape’s unique requirements.

Tree selection and installation

Choosing the correct trees, shrubbery, and bushes for your commercial property needs strategic planning and a strong knowledge of what will be best for your property’s distinct planting environment. With proper installation and care, trees can have a long lifespan, so their permanency is a big consideration when choosing species that will work with your property’s special circumstances and needs.

Our tree care experts will begin by helping you identify where to best plant trees to enhance your commercial space, and together, we’ll determine the function they will serve in your property.

It’s also vital to be mindful of some varieties of shrubs, trees, or bushes that are generally known for hosting destructive insects, diseases, or pests. There are also some that are more vulnerable to storm damage. In addition, you may want to stay away from trees that produce many fruits or messy seeds as this can equate to more time spent cleaning debris from your property.

With a lot of trade-offs and considerations involved in plant selection, you can count on Southern Botanical as your local Dallas commercial landscaping partner. We’ll help you make the best decisions for your landscape as part of our tree installation services.

Tree maintenance and care

When it comes to tree maintenance and care, it’s essential to remember that improperly maintained or neglected trees can be hazardous to both people and property. Plus, they can be quite costly to replace. Various plant varieties require different climate conditions, lighting, pruning methods, and soil nutrients.

As part of your commercial landscaping services all trees, hedges, bushes, and shrubs should be regularly pruned. Pruning is a key service as it is vital to the health of your trees. If done at the wrong time with improper techniques, you could be causing unwanted damage that can cut down the lifespan of your biggest landscaping investments.

The bottom line is, when you partner with Southern Botanical for your tree maintenance and installation needs, our experts are here to advise you and handle all aspects of your tree care. Our licensed and certified arborists are here to take care of all the professional tree services that your property requires to keep your trees thriving and healthy.

Southern Botanical is your go-to team if you want to give your trees the very best. Learn more about our tree maintenance and installation services by visiting our site or contacting us today.