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Leave Your Trees to the Pros

Healthy trees increase not only the beauty of your property, but also its long-term value. So it’s important to entrust your tree care to experienced, certified professionals. Our team of licensed arborists know the trees of North Texas extremely well.

We offer comprehensive tree care services, from pruning and trimming to soil care and water management in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. We’re also experts at diagnosing, safeguarding and treating trees in need. We’re here to help you preserve the overall health of these valuable outdoor assets.

Tree Care Services We Offer

  • Tree PruningRemoving branches, buds or roots can shape, improve and sustain the health of a tree. For example, removing dead, diseased or storm-damaged branches while thinning the crown can permit new growth and improve air circulation. Pruning can also prevent property damage and help avoid city code violations.
  • RemovalSometimes trees become a threat to the health or safety of your landscape and must be removed. Always use trained professionals like ours since tree removal can be hazardous to individuals, structures and utility lines.
  • Air SpadingMany trees suffer from conditions related to their root systems, but roots are rarely visible on the surface. Air spading allows us to safely expose the root system so our professional arborists can diagnose the source of any problems. This involves funnelling high-pressure air through a small nozzle to loosen soil compaction without damaging delicate roots.
  • Stump GrindingIt’s important to remove a stump completely after a tree is removed. This helps keep the tree from growing back, eliminates tripping hazards, allows access for utilities or structures, discourages the growth of fungi and helps prepare the ground for a new tree.
  • ConstructionTrees can be easily damaged during construction and the removal of neighboring trees. We can provide temporary fencing and other solutions that can protect them from construction and prevent soil compaction that can inhibit root growth, limit water penetration and decrease oxygen needed for root survival.
  • Storm DamageWe understand the importance of responding quickly to remove damaged limbs and uprooted trees when severe weather hits. We know proper trimming techniques and can save trees by removing damaged areas, pruning appropriately and repairing when possible.
  • Tree Health Evaluations (Injections, Fertilization and Pest Management)We can create a custom program of targeted, specific nutrients to help optimize the health of your trees and shrubs, and insulate them from environmental stressors that can compromise their ability to thrive.
  • CablingTrees can develop structural defects or growth patterns over time. To reduce risk and save valuable trees, our arborists use cabling and bracing rods along with structural or crown-reduction pruning to address any issues. Cabling and bracing also adds support that can reduce the risk of stem or tree-top failure during high winds.

The Green Standard in Tree Care

All trees are not grown equally. We rely on the smartest, most reputable growing practices to give trees the best possible chance of long-term success. That includes everything from soil health and fertilization to pruning and watering techniques. And we recycle 100% of our green waste into organic mulch.

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