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3 Commercial Landscaping Services That Can Improve Your Property This Year

3 Commercial Landscaping Services That Can Improve Your Property This Year

If you own a business, there are several commercial landscaping services that can take your property from drab to fab. Sadly, numerous landscaping businesses are content to do the bare minimum, like keeping the bushes pruned and the grass mowed. On the contrary, Southern Botanical has a real passion for creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the ways we help our clients enhance their landscapes through commercial landscaping services – year after year – all while working within their budgets.

Seasonal color

There is no greater return on your investment than adding seasonal color and flowers to your property. A seasonal color program or a yearly color rotation can definitely make a huge impact. When you partner with Southern Botanical, we’ll work with you to pinpoint plants and blooms that will look beautiful and fare well on your landscape. Most of all, our experience and knowledge of the plants’ life cycle will equip you to be prepared throughout the changing seasons, updating your property to incorporate new colors.

Regardless of your property’s unique needs, our professionals will work with you to help create a lasting impression on your property that will draw people into your business.

Fertilization and irrigation

Lush, vibrant grass is always an eye-catcher. In addition to our many other skills, Southern Botanical’s teams are experts in commercial fertilization and irrigation. Without a proper fertilization and irrigation program, achieving optimal performance from your landscape can be both costly and difficult – most especially when it comes to replacing or removing dying or dead shrubs, turf, and trees when a good irrigation system and a regular fertilization program would have kept them healthy.

Southern Botanical will walk the grounds with you to get to know your property, and we’ll sit down with you to create a detailed plan on how to manage your landscape. Then, we’ll provide customized solutions for your property with responsiveness and unparalleled commitment, to keep your landscape healthy, hydrated, and beautiful.

Ground cover and mulch

Commercial ground cover is one of the best ways you can add instant visual appeal to your property. It can be a great solution for erosion control and can enhance steep terrain where mowing can be a challenge. Furthermore, mulching around shrubs, flower beds, and trees will do wonders for weed protection, helps in hydration, encourage root system growth, and protects vulnerable parts of your plants.

When you partner with Southern Botanical to beautify your property with these commercial landscaping services, you can be sure that we’ll provide your grounds with the kind of attention to detail that makes all the difference.