Landscape Maintenance, Seasonal Enhancements

Enhance Your Commercial Landscape with these Top Services

Enhance Your Commercial Landscape with these Top Services

A lot of people go to business establishments during winter. The most successful property owners and managers know that the customer experience starts the moment their property comes into view. And because the exterior of your property is your first client touchpoint, use your landscape to attract your audience.

Below are some top commercial landscaping services that will make your property stand out from your competitors when you partner with Southern Botanical.

Regular landscape maintenance

Having an orderly and neat landscape all starts with consistent maintenance. This includes managing weeds, trimming ornamental shrubs, bushes, and trees, ensuring that the turf stays healthy, and keeping your irrigation system in good working condition. When clients come to visit, they want to see that ample time and effort have been put into all aspects of your business, and this includes your exterior property. Investing in regular landscape maintenance services will effectively demonstrate that you want the customer experience to be as perfect as possible.

Lawn care maintenance

Not all business properties have lawns, but if yours does, then it is very essential to have quality and consistent commercial lawn care maintenance. You wouldn’t want your prospective and existing customers to see patchy and uneven turf. This could prevent them from returning, seeing that the business does not give proper attention to all the details. This is where partnering with Southern Botanical offers a big advantage.

Our commercial lawn care services can ensure that your grass is free of debris and weeds, is properly hydrated, and is evenly mowed. Our irrigation control services will ensure that your lawn is thriving and healthy.

Landscape enhancements

Landscape enhancements are great for any business since they add warmth, value, and color to the property. Explore our seasonal services that involve showcasing colors that highlight your brand’s colors or the different holidays or changing seasons – oranges and reds in the fall, greens, pinks, and yellows in the summer.

Commercial landscape services that cover everything

When you partner with Southern Botanical, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got everything covered. We offer all-season commercial landscaping services – all that your business will ever need to maintain a beautiful landscape that is within your budget.