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Turf Care: Keep Your Lawn Green with Southern Botanical

Turf Care: Keep Your Lawn Green with Southern Botanical

As the sun shines harder and the weather gets warmer, it takes expertise and experience to keep your landscape green and healthy. Insects, dryness, and various other factors can cause brown patches on your lawn, but with the help of Southern Botanical’s commercial lawn management, our landscaping professionals can ensure that your property stays green with expert turf care.

Below are some common reasons your lawn may develop brown patch, and what Southern Botanical can do to help.

What causes brown spots in the grass?

There are several reasons why your property’s lawn might turn brown or develop dead spots, and insufficient watering may not always be the culprit. Some common causes of a patchy lawn include:

  • Animals – If you’re located near residential properties, pet urine (often from dogs) can cause yellow or dead spots on your grass.
  • Pest infestations – Various pests such as grubs, grasshoppers, and gophers can take residence on your lawn and damage the turf.
  • Excessive thatch – Although applying thatch, a thin layer of dead and living matter can protect against extreme temperatures, too much thatch can cause issues.
  • Lawn diseases – Seasonal problems such as fungus, root rot, and mildew can develop.
  • Mower-related problems – Dull mower blades or mowing the grass too short can cause harm to your lawn.
  • Chemical damage – Used improperly, chemicals such as gasoline, pesticides, and bug spray can also turn your lawn brown. Even pesticides and fertilizers can cause damage if not applied correctly.

There are many factors that can lead to lawn discoloration, and for busy commercial property owners and managers, investigating the cause can be time-consuming. At Southern Botanical, our commercial lawn management teams are equipped to perform this detective work for you.

Our experts will examine your turf and determine the underlying cause of lawn discoloration, allowing us to take the appropriate measures to restore your lawn to its vibrant state. With our help, you can achieve the healthy, vigorous look you want for your commercial property.

Southern Botanical solutions

Once the underlying cause of brown patches has been identified, our team of landscaping experts can work towards finding an appropriate solution. This may involve making minor adjustments to your watering routine or choosing a different type of mower. Alternatively, a more extensive process such as removing damaged turf and replacing it with new sod may be necessary.

The best part is that we offer a comprehensive range of services, including disease management, dethatching, irrigation, and more. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining an environmentally-friendly approach to lawn care. We understand that lawns are places where families, children, and pets spend their time, so we ensure their safety is a top priority.

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