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Southern Botanical Offers These Expert Commercial Landscaping Services

Southern Botanical Offers These Expert Commercial Landscaping Services

Southern Botanical provides a comprehensive range of commercial landscaping services that extend beyond basic lawn maintenance. Our offerings include complete grounds care, and we tailor our service plans to meet the unique requirements of each property we serve. Our commitment to enhancing the areas we serve is visible for all to see.

Customizable Service Plans

Since 1995, we have been operating our business and have learned that every property is distinct and has its own set of unique requirements and objectives. Commercial properties, like their proprietors and the companies that operate within them, are unique. Because of this, we collaborate closely with our clients to provide the services they need at the right times.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Here are some of the commercial landscaping services that we offer. To view our full suite of landscaping services, click here.

Landscape Maintenance

To keep your landscape in pristine condition, it is important to conduct regular and ongoing services, such as scheduled mowing, trimming, weeding of flowerbeds, and pruning of shrubs.

Landscape Enhancements

There are lots of ways to enhance your landscape and increase the value of your property, including upgrading flower beds, transitioning to an eco-friendly design, irrigation management, and much more. Enhancing your landscape can make your property more efficient, cost-effective, and visually appealing.

Lawn Care

Caring for turf areas involves more than just regular grass cutting (although that is also essential). It requires understanding the nutrient requirements of various turf types during specific times of the year and providing appropriate care. Our landscaping professionals take into account the grass species and evaluate whether weeds, pests, and diseases require treatment to maintain the beauty of your turf.

Irrigation Management

If you want to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant while conserving water and saving money by ensuring efficient operation, it’s important to maintain or upgrade your irrigation system. Our services range from seasonal maintenance to system diagnostics to keep your system functioning optimally throughout the year.