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Why You Should Apply Winter Mulch

Are you ready to get busy on your lawn now that 2022 has begun? With the initial signs of fresh growth giving us a hint of inspiration despite the cold and the short days, we have the perfect way to give your garden a boost! January is an ideal time for applying winter mulch. Generally, applying mulch to borders and beds will give a wide array of benefits including improving soil quality, protecting your... Learn More

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Pruning Oak Trees

Oak trees are one of the mightiest and strongest, however, there is one troublesome issue that can really get under their skin – rather, their bark. It’s known as oak wilt, a disease that occurs when they are pruned during the wrong time of the year. In order to protect oak trees from this fatal fungal disease, there is a specific pruning window that must be followed. When you prune oak trees at the... Learn More

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Dormant Oil Application for Trees and Shrubs

Before spring frees us from the season’s cold grasp, it’s best to do dormant oil application for your trees and shrubs. The cold weather can be stressful for them, and throughout the growing season, mites, scale insects, and aphids tend to lay eggs on trees until the winter months when new larvae are born. These newly-hatched pests can damage trees. Fortunately, you can help protect your trees and shrubs... Learn More

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Tips for Trimming, Choosing, and Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Proper shearing and pruning create a high-density, symmetrical, and cone-shaped Christmas tree. There are a lot of methods on how to shape the festive tree, however, the basics are relatively similar. Caring for your Christmas tree properly stimulates new buds to form, encourages branch growth, and controls the shape and foliage for a denser tree. If you are a beginner when it comes to caring for your... Learn More

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Southern Botanical Puts Clients First in Commercial Winter Landscaping – And in Every Season

For more than 25 years, Southern Botanical’s hardworking landscaping services team has been delivering sustainable, outstanding, and beautiful landscapes. Exceptional customer service has made us The Green Standard in our industry, and this is very apparent when we make enhancements in commercial winter landscaping – and beyond! What The Green Standard Means to Us We highly value principles like... Learn More


Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape This Winter

Cooler weather is upon us. Have you already booked for commercial landscaping maintenance services for this season? Southern Botanical is your total solution for maintaining your landscape this winter, and we can do it all with an eye for perfection and unmatched service. From pruning ornamental trees and shrubs to snow management, there is nothing we can’t handle. Below are a few reminders and tips for... Learn More