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Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape This Winter

Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape This Winter | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Cooler weather is upon us. Have you already booked for commercial landscaping maintenance services for this season? Southern Botanical is your total solution for maintaining your landscape this winter, and we can do it all with an eye for perfection and unmatched service. From pruning ornamental trees and shrubs to snow management, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Below are a few reminders and tips for maintaining your landscape this winter season.

1. Lawn preparation

It’s essential to keep your outdoor property in tip-top shape before winter arrives. Keep your trees and shrubs nicely trimmed, and make sure that your property is free of debris like branches and falling leaves so they don’t become a hazard and they don’t get trapped under the snow. Also, aerate your lawn and implement a good fertilization program to maintain a pest-free turf and build strong roots. Taking essential steps such as these can help your lawn bounce back faster after the cold months.

2. Prevent icy buildup

In some areas, ice may have already started to accumulate on entrances, parking lots, and walkways. This can be a slip hazard to residents and visitors of your property. Planning ahead with your Dallas landscaping company can help determine when you can begin service to prevent icy buildup. For commercial properties, it’s important to keep entrances and walkways treated to ensure safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Preserve and protect your shrubs, plants, and trees

Cleaning your landscape before the snow hits helps prevent a host of things: ice accumulation and damage caused by extreme weather. This is also a great time to preserve the health of your turf, shrubs, trees, and plants by fertilizing and performing weed control measures.

4. Fall cleanup to address hazards

Proper fall cleanup will help keep your commercial property looking its best. It also addresses threats and risks that debris and decaying leaves give – the slip and fall hazard from slippery, organic debris. It also creates an optimal environment for disease and pests to thrive. There’s also the unexpected flood damage brought about by areas with clogged drainage.

The clients of Southern Botanical need not worry about anything on this list because we tailor-fit our fall and winter landscaping maintenance plans for them. We are always on-site in the event of a winter storm, enabling our clients to get back to business quickly and efficiently. We also provide regular preventive services and other seasonal jobs including irrigation control so that your system is up and running come spring.

Maintaining your landscaping is easier if you partner with Southern Botanical. If you are in need of commercial landscaping maintenance this season, contact us today: 214.366.2103