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Keeping Your Shrubs Healthy Through Pruning

Keeping Your Shrubs Healthy Through Pruning

The warmer months are an especially challenging time in Texas due to the hot climate, which means that you’ll have to dedicate more time and care to your plants to ensure that they make it through the season healthy and looking great.

First, you’ll want to ensure that your plants and shrubs are fed with the nutrients they need, so it’s important that they are fertilized during the months leading up to summer.

Next, check your shrubs for signs of diseases or pests to avoid issues from spiralling out of control.

Finally, ensure that your shrubs and plants are pruned and trimmed. Not only will they look wonderful after a fresh trim, but proper pruning will help keep any diseases from spreading to other areas.

Proper shrub care and maintenance are essential for healthy shrubs with a long lifespan. When it comes to keeping your shrubs in great health and ensuring that they live for as long as they can, there are many techniques you can utilize like proper application of fertilizer and mulch, effective pest management, and pruning.

Why do we prune?

Below are the top reasons for pruning:

  • To control overall plant density and size
  • To maintain plant aesthetics and health
  • To encourage flower production
  • To rejuvenate overgrown or old plants
  • To keep diseases from spreading
  • To protect people and property

Pruning is a crucial aspect of plant care that should not be underestimated. There are different schools of thought regarding the most effective pruning methods, so it’s advisable to discuss your options with a professional Dallas landscaper before making a decision. The two primary approaches to pruning are seasonal rejuvenation pruning and frequent formal shearing.

Seasonal rejuvenation pruning involves pruning your plants according to their individual species and flowering cycle. Depending on the plant’s natural cycle, this may require annual pruning. On the other hand, formal shearing is the process of regularly shaping your shrubs during the growing season, typically on a monthly basis.

While formal shearing can be suitable for some environments, indiscriminate cutting of all branches may overstimulate the plants and affect their health and lifespan. In contrast, seasonal rejuvenation pruning selectively cuts branches, aligning with the plant’s natural growth pattern and promoting longevity.

Similar to any other skill, pruning requires professional knowledge in order to guarantee success. Improper techniques will reduce the plant’s lifespan and result in deformed or weakened plants. If you’re unsure about your plant’s pruning requirements, it’s best to consult with your Dallas landscaping professional. They can advise you on the most suitable approach for your specific environment and plant species.

Let Southern Botanical’s Commercial Landscape Team Help

The plants and shrubs that you pick for your property’s landscape need to be easy and simple to manage unless you are willing to dedicate a lot of time to their upkeep. Preparing the right environment for them, allotting time to choosing the right plants, and making sure that you have made the right choice for your personal preference and climate are keys to creating a beautiful, healthy environment that won’t wilt and wither in a few months’ time. With the right selection, ample attention, and proper shrub care, your plants will look fantastic for many years to come.

Southern Botanical takes pride in the landscapes we create for our commercial clients. The appearance of your landscape speaks volumes about your business and hence, needs to be maintained properly. It is also essential to balance your property’s visual appeal with the cost to protect and sustain it.

Your business can benefit from a comprehensive landscaping maintenance plan that is tailor-fit to meet your needs, regardless of the season or environment.