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A tree inventory and consultation involves a professional arborist or tree expert visiting a property to assess the health, condition, and value of the trees on the site. They then create a detailed report and action plan for improving tree health and safety, compliance and regulations, and cost-effective management solutions.

During the inventory, the arborist may collect information such as tree species, size, age, and overall health. This information is used to create a detailed inventory report that includes recommendations for tree care, pruning, removal, and replacement. Many businesses request carbon-sequestering information and environmental impact reports in addition to the standard care recommendations.

A consultation may also involve discussing the property owner’s goals and concerns related to their trees, and developing a customized management plan to help achieve those goals while ensuring the safety and health of the trees. Overall, a tree inventory and consultation can help property owners make informed decisions about managing their trees to improve their property value, aesthetics, and safety.


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Popular & Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Inventories and Arborist Consultations

What are the benefits of a tree inventory and consultation?

There are several benefits of a tree inventory and consultation, including:
1. Improved tree health and safety: By conducting a tree inventory and consultation, property owners can identify any trees that are in poor health or pose a safety risk due to disease, pests, or structural issues. This information can be used to develop a management plan that includes pruning, removal, and replacement of trees as needed to ensure the safety of people and property.

2. Cost-effective tree management: A tree inventory and consultation can help property owners identify trees that require minimal maintenance and those that require more intensive care. This information can help property owners allocate their resources more effectively, minimizing unnecessary expenses and ensuring that their investment in tree care is used efficiently.
Improved property value and aesthetics: Healthy and well-maintained trees can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property and increase its value. By identifying trees that require care or replacement, property owners can ensure that their trees remain an attractive and valuable asset for their property.

3. Compliance with regulations: In some cases, local regulations may require property owners to conduct a tree inventory or obtain a consultation before making any changes to their tree canopy. By working with a professional arborist to conduct a tree inventory and consultation, property owners can ensure that they are in compliance with local regulations and avoid potential fines or legal issues.

How much does a tree inventory typically cost?

Pricing varies based on the area, number of trees, and specifics of reports generated by the arborist. Long-term, inventories typically save you money by providing recommendations on cost-effective management solutions and tax-related benefits for corporations.

When is the best time of year to perform a tree inventory?

A tree inventory and consultation can be performed at any time of year to provide property owners with valuable information about their trees, helping them make informed decisions about tree care and management that can enhance the health, safety, and value of their property.


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