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Introducing the Top 5 Flowers for Spring

Introducing the Top 5 Flowers for Spring | Dallas Landscaping Services Company | Southern Botanical

If you are thinking about keeping your curb appeal game strong, now is a good time to focus! There is nothing like a patch of colorful spring flowers to raise your spirits.

These top 5 flowers for spring will start blooming as soon as warm weather makes itself known.

1. Forget-Me-Not

Forget-me-not | Top 5 flowers for Spring

These heart-shaped, brilliant blue flowers are not only beautiful, they are easy to care for. The forget-me-not plant emerges early in the season, so the leaves tend to get a bit tattered as summer approaches. When this happens, all you need to do is cut them back and new leaves will sprout. If you want to keep your plants around longer and reinvigorate them, divide the plants every 3 years.

2. Bloodroot

Bloodroot | Top 5 flowers for Spring

A low-growing landscape plant, the tiny white flowers of bloodroot can definitely brighten any garden. The blue-green leaves will provide a nice carpet of color, even after the flowers disappear. Unlike the typical ground cover, the bloodroot is not aggressive or invasive. The bloodroot may take some time to become established, however, they have a long life span. This gorgeous low-growing ground cover comes in single and double flowered varieties, both of which are stunning.

3.  Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox | Top 5 flowers for Spring

This colorful carpet of flowers pours over rock walls and spills across lawns. It has probably caught your eye at some point. Making a big splash of red, white, pink, rose, blue, purple, or lavender, the creeping phlox will certainly turn heads.

4. Virginia Bluebells

 Bluebells | Top 5 flowers for Spring

Who can resist the charm of tubular blue flowers in dangling clusters? A lot of people believe that spring has not sprung until they see bluebells in full bloom. Similar to lungwort, bluebells do not start out as blue flowers, but begin as pink buds. It disappears shortly after it blooms, making it another ephemeral of spring.

5. Bleeding heart

Bleeding Heart | Top 5 flowers for Spring

These cheery charms of flowers appear distinctly beautiful as they dangle down the length of every branch. Although a welcome sight in spring, this flower is also an ephemeral and will turn yellow as soon as the temperature warms up considerably. A good trick would be to plant them alongside later-emerging plants to fill the void like ferns, hosta, or astible, which are great companions for this plant.

Step out your front door to a sea of these beautiful top 5 flowers for spring! When planning for your spring garden landscaping, it is best to throw in a mix of early flowers with your late bloomers. Consider which early bloomers are considered ephemerals – ones that die back early – and which plants are able to maintain its robust flowers for the remainder of the season. The longer-lasting ones can serve as a beautiful backdrop for longer-growing blooms.

If you want to ensure the beauty and health of  your landscape throughout the seasons, feel free to get in touch with us at Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping services company.


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