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Summer Landscaping: Protect Your Lawn with Southern Botanical’s Fertilization Program

Summer Landscaping: Protect Your Lawn with Southern Botanical's Fertilization Program

Everyone wants their home or business property to have summer curb appeal – and what better way to achieve this than summer landscaping and lawn fertilization!

Many homeowners and property owners or managers fertilize only in the spring, overlooking the benefits of summer lawn fertilization. Protecting the health of your home or business ground’s trees, turf, and other plants through fertilization will reap many rewards, including the following:

  • Give your greenery ample nutrition, helping it to outlive its optimal lifespan.
  • Keep your lawn beautiful, lush, vibrant, and weed-free.
  • Give you the most out of your landscaping investment.
  • Make your shrubs, grass, plants, and trees resistant to disease and pests.

An effective tree, shrub, and lawn fertilization program will give your lawn a healthy boost of nutrients. Proper fertilization will efficiently feed the roots and boost your lawn’s health, allowing them to better ward off the stressors of summer which include foot traffic, the heat, and lack of rain.

An efficient fertilization program incorporates pest, weed, and disease control

Aside from feeding your trees, turf, and shrubs the right combination of nutrients, consider other essential plant services that will keep your lawn in the best shape this season:

  • Pest control – to discourage, repel, and eradicate harmful pest and insect infestation
  • Weed control – incorporates a pre-emergent treatment to discourage weeds from emerging and eradicate existing ones.
  • Disease control – to prevent and treat fungal infections and a host of other diseases before they become a serious and costly problem.

Leave fertilization to the professionals

While it’s true that there are numerous consumer options when it comes to fertilizers, there are many sound reasons why the fertilization of your lawn is best left to your local landscaping experts in Fort Worth.

  • It’s important that your lawn is properly assessed and the soil levels of potassium and other nutrients accurately identified. Your Dallas landscaping professional has the expertise to determine what your trees, turf, and other plants need for optimum health. Your Southern Botanical experts will test your soil’s pH levels to identify the most effective fertilizer type and blend for your lawn.
  • Landscaping professionals have the tools and equipment to get the job done more efficiently. They are also certified to mix other needed solutions safely, such as disease treatments and pre-emergent treatments. Using excessive amounts of fertilizer or applying wrong application techniques can have disastrous effects.

Unless you have the specialized education and equipment, and you have enough time to handle the job yourself, entrusting your landscape to your landscaping professionals in Fort Worth is a smart move. Contact Southern Botanical today, and we will work with you to create and execute an efficient, effective summer fertilization program that is tailored to keeping your turf, soil, and plants healthy and thriving this season.