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Deep Root Fertilization for Your Trees

Do your trees need a deep root fertilization program?

That depends! In an urban environment, trees are constantly under stress from human activities. There are obvious signs of stress such as chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), slow/stunted growth and abnormal die-back or limb drop. Other, and perhaps less obvious, causes of tree stress result from soil compaction, severe damage from storms and stress caused by insects or diseases.

In these cases, deep root fertilizing would be highly recommended by our team of arborists. Neglecting your trees not only diminishes the value of your property but can expose your property, you and/or your neighbors to risks as tree health declines and dead or weak branches begin to fall. Our tree care team has developed a deep root fertilization program that includes two deep root fertilization treatments per year (spring and fall) and includes an annual tree assessment by one of our ISA Certified Arborists at no additional charge. For your convenience, this program will renew each year. 

Deep root fertilizer will be applied to specified trees and/or shrubs according to our experts’ analyses. Our special blend of fertilizers and other added nutritional products will aid in the recovery and development of small fibrous roots needed to transfer water, minerals and oxygen into trees’ vascular systems. Trees then use these elements, along with the process of photosynthesis, to produce sugars and more for food.

To protect and nourish your trees with a deep root fertilization program, schedule a consultation with one of our certified arborists by contacting us here or calling 214.366.2103!