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Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Fall and Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Landscaping for Fall and Winter  | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

People’s perception is a huge factor in any business’ success. The colder months are upon us – is your commercial property prepared? 

Here are some important fall landscape care tasks and maintenance projects that should put your property in good shape this season.

Plant perennials

Perennials are not only maintenance; they look great regardless of the season. Perennials are best planted in the fall, as this season is perfect for establishing a strong root system.

For commercial properties with seasonal fall annuals, it’s best to remove them as soon as they are done flowering for the year. Otherwise, the landscape will appear bare and dreary. 

You might also want to consider adding winter vegetation like holly to add a pop of color to your landscape. Now is also a great time to think about what varieties of bulbs you want to see bloom during the spring. 

Restore your landscape

This includes
•    Lawn trimming
•    Lawn raking/ leaf clean-up
•    Removing debris from gutters
•    Fall pruning
•    Cutting back tall perennial grasses
•    Start seeding for fall
•    Planting for spring
•    Tree and shrub trimming
•    Lawn aeration
•    Dethatching
•    Turning over the mulch

Protect your landscape

This season is ideal for applying pre-emergent treatment to prevent seed and weed germination that can result in weeds when spring comes. Another round of pre-emergent treatment come spring will give your landscape the best protection against pests and weeds. 

What about hardscapes?

Fall is a great time to think about hardscape installation and maintenance. Boost your curb appeal and create a functional outdoor space with retaining walls, stonework, and pavers. With most plants in their dormant period, winter hardscaping will pack less of a punch on your lawn. In addition, fall and winter are seasons where people will not actively use the landscape, making this a good window for renovating or updating your landscape by adding hardscape elements. 

The colder months are perfect for maintaining your commercial property. Preparing your commercial landscaping for fall and winter through proper landscape maintenance, including the end-of-season pruning and cleanup will set the stage up for a strong and beautiful spring.  

At Southern Botanical, we are experienced in all things landscape management, regardless of the season. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to a complete suite of commercial landscaping services that will leave your property looking inviting and safe – season after season. Contact us today