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Turf Pre-Emergent and Fertilization for Fall

Turf Pre-Emergent and Fertilization for Fall | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

There are a couple of things that you should do to keep your outdoor property healthy and flourishing. Among the landscape maintenance tasks performed, pre-emergent weed control and turf fertilization are two of the most important lawn treatments this season. There are a few landscaping chores as backbreaking and tedious as pulling lawn weeds, and this is exactly why pre-emergent treatments are a must for a low-maintenance, thriving lawn. 

Pre-emergent treatment does exactly what it sounds like. It eliminates weeds before they emerge. It can be difficult to eliminate weeds once they are already growing during the warmer months, so get ahead of the game and save yourself time by scalping your lawn and applying a pre-emergent herbicide before the fall season. 

How Do Pre-Emergent Treatments Work?

Pre-emergent treatments contain herbicides that create a vapor-like barrier designed to block a vital enzyme to eradicate weeds before they germinate. Generally, these herbicides are mixed with fertilizer during the application process. 

As with all other landscaping maintenance tasks, timing is important. The gap between the summer heat and the cooler fall temperatures is a critical time to prepare your lawn for both winter and the following spring. Doing this will ensure that the weeds are contained and controlled before they emerge from the soil. 

Tips for a Successful Pre-Emergent Treatment

Do not apply pre-emergent treatment on newly applied sod or on newly seeded grass. It is also important to know that this type of treatment will not work against existing weeds. In order to manage existing weeds, we recommend the application of a weed killer, pulling the weeds, or hiring your local Dallas landscaping company to eradicate and treat your weeds and other lawn diseases or pests. 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee. Ensure that the ratio of the herbicide and fertilizer is precise, and that the solution is spread as even as possible. 

Water your lawn after applying the solution. Doing this incorrectly will not form a vapor barrier on your turf, and eventually, weeds will own your yard again. Ideally, an hour of sprinkler time or about ½ inch of rainwater will do the job. That being said, you can always hire a landscaping professional for optimum results. 

Fall Fertilization

One of the best ways to keep your turf lush and green on the surface and healthy down to its roots is to fertilize. The cooler temperatures of fall offer the perfect environment for your lawn to regain its strength. Supporting root growth during this time is ideal, as your turf recovers from the summer stresses. Fall fertilization will also allow for increased rooting, give great winter color, and vibrant green hues come spring.  

Fall is the perfect time for homeowners and commercial property managers to aerate, apply pre-emergent treatments, fertilize, scalp, and seed their lawns. Your lawn will surely be primed for new growth! A lot of us enjoy yard work, but for those who simply don’t have the time, are unsure of what to do, or are looking for professional landscaping services, lawn pre-emergent treatment and fertilization from Southern Botanical can make a big difference. Our professionals are experts in all things landscaping care and have the experience to ensure that your lawn is healthy and disease-free throughout the seasons.