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Fall is a Great Time to Plant. Here’s Why.

Fall is a Great Time to Plant. Here's Why.

For many, the spring season is perfect for planting, but did you know that the fall season is the prime time for planting and enhancing your landscape in a lot of ways – some of which are very essential to the longevity and health of your landscape?

This season creates the ideal conditions for healthy root growth. Do not miss the perfect planting opportunity. The trifecta of cool temperatures, warm soil, and increased rainfall creates the perfect environment for healthy root systems to develop. As long as the temperature of the soil stays above 40°F, roots begin growing, giving fall landscaping and planting the advantage of having ample time to establish a sound root system – even after the plant’s stems and branches above ground have seemingly stopped growing.

Fall planting reduces transplant shock risk

This season is excellent for certain varieties of trees and shrubs, as well as spring-blooming perennials, since a lot of them have already gone into a state of dormancy. This greatly reduces transplant shock risk. Transplant shock refers to the stresses a newly transplanted tree or shrub can experience.

It’s also best to plant spring bulbs before the temperatures get colder. For Texans, the season offers a great opportunity to plant annuals and perennials that like more moderate temperatures. This way, your landscape can have fresh seasonal displays during the temperate months. 

It’s a great time to divide perennials

The autumn months are great for dividing and replanting perennials like oriental poppy, peonies, and Siberian iris as it provides them with an opportunity to become well-established, ready to flourish and thrive during the next growing season.

The autumn season is perfect for refreshing container plants

Containers are valuable for keeping your seasonal color fresh throughout the seasons, and they are wonderful for drawing attention to your property’s focal points. With proper maintenance and the right placement, the arrangement of colorful, hearty plants like ornamental grasses and flowering kale, complemented by vivid blooms such as pansies or mums, can be utilized to make your property beautiful throughout the year.

Fall is a great time for lawn enhancements

In addition to shrubs, trees, and other plantings, this season is critical for lawn enhancements. Whether putting new sod, overseeding sparse grassy areas, or fertilizing turf, this time is perfect for preparing your lawn for the coming seasons.

Here are our recommendations for this month:

  • Turf fertilization
  • Seasonal color – Winter
  • Holiday displays
  • Planting bulbs
  • Turf fungus preventative
  • Turf and bed compost tea application
  • Leaf cleanup (November, December, February, March)
  • Tree fertilization & trimming
  • Tree pruning

Trust all your fall commercial landscaping needs to Southern Botanical

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