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Fall is an Ideal Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs 

Fall is an Ideal Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs  | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Did you know that fall is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs – even better than spring! Planting trees in the fall will give your plants plenty of time to establish good root growth. As soon as the seed touches the earth, roots start growing and will continue to do so as long as the temperature of the soil stays above 4°C or 40°F. By the time spring gives its warm breath and coxes the growth of new plants, the tree that you have planted during the fall season is in place, its roots already well established in the soil.

Benefits of planting during the fall

Planting during this season will give your trees and shrubs an extra growing season before the summer heat arrives. The combination of fall rain, less weed pressure, lower threats from diseases and pests, and the cooler temperatures will give your trees ample time to establish a root system, making it easier for them to adjust to drought or extreme heat in the summer. 

A lot of people mistakenly think that young trees cannot withstand the harsh winter weather. However, trees hibernate or go dormant in winter, and this state of sleep slows down its growth, metabolism, and energy consumption. It’s relatively safe to plant trees until after the first hard frost. Trees that are dormant do not need special care. 


Planting at the right place is important. Evaluate your space carefully to make sure that it is a suitable growing spot for your tree. Do not plant too close to surrounding structures. You will also want to consider how much shade, sun, and moisture the tree will get in the area. 

Check the soil if it is ready for digging. If it is, it will be moist enough that it will crumble. If it isn’t, water the soil or wait for it to dry.

After planting

Regardless of the season or time of the year you choose to plant, your tree will need the same care. Put a 3-inch ring of mulch around the tree’s base. Don’t forget to leave approximately 2 inches of space around the trunk to prevent rotting and disease. Your newly-planted tree will require watering, even during the fall season. Remember, the amount of water will depend on the tree’s species, size, location, and climate.

When it comes to planting trees in the fall, your choice of trees, shrubbery, and bushes for your property matter. You need a strong understanding of what will work with your property’s unique conditions. With so many trade-offs and considerations involved in deciding what to plant and how to plant it, you can depend on your local landscaping experts at Southern Botanical. As part of our tree installation and maintenance services, we will help you make the best decisions for your landscape.