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Commercial Landscaping: Learn About the Threats to Your Landscape During Summer

Commercial Landscaping: Learn About the Threats to Your Landscape During Summer | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

As a commercial property owner, you want your landscape to be stable, healthy, and have a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, the hot summer temperatures bring unwanted threats to commercial landscapes

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest threats in commercial landscapes this summer, and how your Dallas landscaping company can help reduce and eradicate these threats. 


Pests and bugs are hard to spot, but nevertheless is dangerous to landscapes. Spider mites, scale, cinch bugs, fire ants, whiteflies, aphids, and grubs can quickly spread and cause considerable damage to the lawn and its plants. A serious infestation can destroy an otherwise healthy, thriving lawn. Early prevention can help prevent, contain, and eradicate these threats. 


Weeds pose a very serious threat to any commercial property. They can quickly overtake the landscape and rob trees, grass, and plants of nutrients, water, and air. For instance, when you apply fertilizer, the weeds are the fastest to soak the nutrients that would otherwise feed your lawn and promote its growth. Invasive weed growth is not only unattractive but can exponentially increase the need for more landscape maintenance work. Professional weed control can help the reemergence and spread of weeds on commercial properties.


Keeping your commercial landscape adequately watered during the hot summer months can be challenging. Your landscape can suffer if you do not have an effective irrigation system in place. Whether through a series of drip-line hoses or a traditional sprinkler system, irrigation is key to having a healthy landscape.

Using drought-tolerant plants will prove to be beneficial too. 

Your commercial landscape is one of your most valuable investments, and no one understands this best than Southern Botanical. Your local Dallas commercial landscaping company offers a full range of professional, effective, and safe landscaping maintenance services, which includes irrigation management, weed control, tree care, and pest control. Start a conversation with one of our landscaping experts by clicking here