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Southern Botanical Named in Top 100 Landscapers in America by Lawn and Landscape Magazine

Southern Botanical is thrilled to announce that we have been named in the top 100 landscaping companies by Lawn and Landscape Magazine. This prestigious award recognizes our team's dedication to creating beautiful outdoor spaces and commitment to exceptional customer service. For over 20 years, Southern Botanical has been providing outstanding residential and commercial landscaping services to clients... Learn More


Southern Botanical Announces Partnership with Aspire Software

Southern Botanical is excited to announce a new partnership with Aspire Software, a leading provider of business management software solutions for the landscaping industry. This partnership will provide Southern Botanical with access to Aspire’s cutting-edge software tools to streamline its operations, enhance its customer service, and improve its overall efficiency. Aspire Software’s comprehensive suite... Learn More


The Science Behind This Year’s Spectacular Fall Color

North Texas foliage showing vibrant fall colors. You may have noticed the incredible fall colors many of our tree species in North Texas are displaying, and wondered "why are they so spectacular this year?” Scientifically speaking, there are several factors that play into fall foliage coloring. Natural Pigments As fall arrives, and the nights become longer, Chlorophyll production diminishes and,... Learn More

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