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The Science Behind This Year’s Spectacular Fall Color

North Texas foliage showing vibrant fall colors. You may have noticed the incredible fall colors many of our tree species in North Texas are displaying, and wondered "why are they so spectacular this year?” Scientifically speaking, there are several factors that play into fall foliage coloring. Natural Pigments As fall arrives, and the nights become longer, Chlorophyll production diminishes and,... Learn More

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Landscape Management Magazine Features SoBo x SMU

In October's edition of Landscape Management Magazine, Southern Botanical's exceptional care of the Southern Methodist University landscape was highlighted in an article entitled "Not Your Average Campus". An excerpt from this article details "more than 60,000 seasonal color pots line the campus during the spring and winter with annual flowers. During the changeouts, Southern Botanical puts an emphasis on... Learn More

SoBo x SMU Win PGMS Honor Award

Southern Botanical's ongoing landscape maintenance of Dallas, Texas' most beautiful campus earns yet another award. The school announced: "The Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) recognized Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX with an Honor Award in the Society's 2019 Green Star Awards® competition. The award was given in the Urban University Grounds category for exceptional grounds... Learn More