Dallas, Texas

Preston Hollow Property

Our client’s priorities for this estate, located in one of Dallas’s most prestigious neighborhoods, involved both sustainability and a formal garden aesthetic. At the time of installation, Texas was suffering from a long drought that restricted landscape irrigation. We took great strides to conserve and repurpose water on the property, installing a 290,000-gallon cistern to filter drainage and reuse it for irrigation. The process required an 18-foot-deep excavation, which we concealed to keep the landscape beautiful and functional. We also made extensive hardscape and landscape renovations throughout the sizable estate grounds. This involved planting over 100 trees to create a dense screening around the property and help maintain our client’s privacy.




Installation, Maintenance

Landscape Architect

Paul Fields


TEXO Distinguished Building Award

2016 TEXO Platinum Award

2015 NALP Grand Award of Excellence

We installed 15,000 square feet of locally quarried, custom-cut limestone paving throughout the property.