North Dallas Residence

“Bringing the outside inside” is the architectural theme of this unique property, with the transition of patio pavers into the interior of the home as flooring being one of many elements that seamlessly integrate the landscape with the interior. With the landscaping amenities being the main focus of this home, the plant mortality caused by the Texas Freeze in 2021 was exceptionally devastating. Our landscape maintenance and enhancement team saw this as an opportunity to not only revitalize but improve upon the original landscape design to better serve the client in their current life phase. Re-imagining the backyard through the client’s grandkids’ eyes presented opportunities to open up the space and incorporate a large play lawn, picnic area, and even an organic vegetable garden. Low shrubs replaced the previous dense hedges so that poolside adults could stay connected with kids playing even in far corners of the property. Extensive care was taken to restore the mature trees on the property through vertical mulching, air spading, and root flare exposure correction, ensuring these trees continue to provide summer shade for many years to come. After restoration, and in the spirit of bringing the outdoors inside, our ongoing maintenance program takes special care to coordinate annual flower selections with the interior design palette every season.




Landscaping, Maintenance, Remodel, Tree Care

summer perennial flowers in bloom