Aerial view of the main strip at Legacy West

Plano, Texas

Legacy West

Legacy West, one of the premier high-end shopping destinations in Dallas, requires special attention in order to maintain a pristine landscape. Our landscape management program focuses on the half-mile stretch along the center strip that receives heavy traffic from not only shoppers, but investors, developers, and tours from around the world. The landscape has become a draw for social media features and special event photography thanks to over 1,500 flats of premium color and 1,200 one-gallons of exotic plant material that our team rotates seasonally and fertilizes 5 times a year. Our onsite team of two Porters works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure every small detail is attended to, with the larger landscape, irrigation, and agronomy crews servicing the property routinely as well. The highly acclaimed results of this beautiful landscape are a testament to our team’s attention to detail and flexible coordination with the property management team. Learn more about the details that won this landscape the NALP Award of Excellence.





Installation, Landscaping, Maintenance, Tree Care


NALP Award of Excellence 2022

A single color change requires 6 months of planning with on-site meetings, color sequencing maps, and cross-team collaboration. We contract grow color specifically for this site, timing the bloom rate for peak display upon installation. Complete color changes take 30 days.