Dallas, Texas

Highland Park Property

Upon purchasing this home, our client began gutting and refurbishing the interior and hired us to renovate the landscape to better fit her family’s needs and suit her preference for a clean aesthetic. Our goal was to open up the back garden and maximize the pool area for entertaining while giving the property a fresh, new look. One of our greatest challenges was craning in 32 tons of limestone, which we could only do a few tons at a time due to limited space. The installation of the pool terrace had to be phased over several weeks and then the new limestone had to be matched to the old with the help of a Texas quarry specialist. Beyond the pool area, we integrated classic garden elements like evergreen hedges and flowering shrubs, all simplified into clean-line segments. The family can now simply look out various windows to enjoy this beautiful, cohesive natural retreat in the middle of Dallas.




Maintenance, Remodel

Landscape Architect

Original Landscape: Bruce Berger


2017 NALP Grand Award - Awards of Excellence

2017 NALP Judge’s Award

We installed 62,000 pounds of limestone on a 6-inch concrete subbase to ensure structural stability in the pool terrace.