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The SoBo Internship Program

The SoBo Internship Program is unmatched in the landscape Green Industry. It provides full exposure to all the areas including construction, maintenance, tree care, agronomy, irrigation, finance and HR.

The intern is assigned a mentor who will work with them throughout the summer and on whom the intern can count on for guidance and counseling. The intern is also asked to be observant and identify a need or an area that can be improved in the company. The intern will create a plan to address that need, and present at the end of the summer.

The internship period has several phases:

  • The introductory phase includes one on one time with a manager in every department. They interview each manager and report on the things they learned.
  • Crew member experience: the intern spends two weeks working side by side with our front line team members. This phase they learn what hard work these amazing team members put in everyday and the skills that it takes to do the job right.
  • The rest of the summer is spent diving deep into the intern’s choice of department and discipline. They choose an area that they want to become proficient in and have a deeper interest in learning more about.

The summer is filled with social activities every two to three weeks. Things like parties, kayaking, golfing, skeet shooting, whirly ball, professional baseball games and other fun events to keep the interns from getting homesick.

At the end of the summer, the interns present their plan to the leadership team by using whatever media they choose such as a Power Point presentation. If they complete the planning phase and present it, they receive a $500 bonus. This is also a competition. A winner is chosen from all of the presentations and awarded an additional $500.

Finally, before they go home they complete a report on their internship which helps them assimilate the experience and helps us improve it.