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Your Spring Lawn Maintenance Guide

Your Spring Lawn Maintenance Guide | Spring Landscaping Tips | Southern Botanical

Your Spring Lawn Maintenance Guide

The temperature is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and we can hear the birds chirp once more! Spring ushers a fresh opportunity for landscaping. While a lot of homeowners are busy spring cleaning, avid gardeners are thinking about how to get their yards in shape.

From budding flowerbeds, decorative new plantings, to irrigating a lush, green lawn, spring landscaping doesn’t have to be just a dream. You can rejuvenate your yard through easy spring lawn maintenance tips and solutions.

Here are some ideas.

1. Sprucing up and inspecting your shrubs and trees

Great landscaping this season all begins with these staples: shrubs and trees.

They are mostly overlooked, however, shrubs and trees can draw the eye to specific parts of your garden, give a finished feel to your space, and enhance soft and hard landscaping features. Be on the lookout for some typical seasonal effects or inspect the health of your shrubs and trees after the wear and tear of the cold season. It’s best if you consult your local landscape and tree care experts in Dallas, TX for their help and insight with the following:

  • Trimming groundcover and overgrowth
  • Removing diseased or dead branches
  • Identifying shrub or tree fertilization needs

2. Fertilizing your lawn

The next item on your list should be to give your outdoor space a little lovin’. Your lawn might be in need of fertilization. For serious landscapers, their best bet is to hire landscaping companies. This means that you get the best products, as well as certified safety steps and application techniques for your lawn.

Proper spring fertilization should incorporate these techniques:

  • Identifying the soil’s nutrients – this can be done by conducting a soil test.
  • Choosing your method of fertilization – once you get a better understanding as to what your soil needs, you must choose a proper fertilization method.
  • Understanding how much fertilizer you should use – a winning recipe would be applying the right fertilizer, in the right amount, at the right time.

3. Adding mulch

From preventing problematic areas of weed growth to surrounding the base of a patio, adding mulch should never be overlooked in a spring landscaping project. You may use straw, wood chips, chopped leaves, tree clippings, sawdust, and shredded bark. Mulching helps prevent some common weed problems and helps with erosion prevention.

4. Controlling weeds

This season is also a great time to apply weed control, especially if you have crabgrass on your lawn. It is generally the perfect time to apply weed control when forsythia is in full bloom.

5. Inspecting your lawn for pests

Pests like insects and wildlife can do a lot of damage on your landscaping. Be sure to plan in advance if you will need wire mesh or fencing. Another good option would be to plant natural planting that can ward off or keep local pests at bay.

6. Edging

This is a must for spring landscaping. Edging will help prevent your grass from growing into your beds and define the line between your lawn and landscaping. Plus, it will give your landscape a well-manicured and sharp look.

7. Checking your irrigation system

It’s also best to inspect your irrigation system on a regular basis. A perfectly functioning irrigation system is the final step into ensuring that you keep your yard in tip-top shape!

This spring lawn maintenance guide will surely level-up your lawn this season. As your landscaping services company in Dallas, TX, we are here to sweat the details so you don’t have to! Contact us to get  your questions answered or to talk about your spring landscaping needs.


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