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Winter Preparation for Your Commercial Landscape

Winter Preparation for Your Commercial Landscape

When it comes to commercial properties, it has always been our philosophy at Southern Botanical that it’s never too early to start planning for the next season. We help our clients plan months in advance to meet their property’s budgets and goals and ensure that they are not caught off guard when the seasons change.

Below, find information on what we do to help our clients in preparing their landscapes for winter.


Great lawn care and commercial landscaping all begin with healthy soil. Mulching not only enhances soil fertility, but also helps the soil retain moisture. Mulching during the fall season helps insulate plant roots from colder temperatures. Southern Botanical starts planning early on, determining the areas in your property that could benefit from mulching this season, and making sure that you receive these services at the proper time.

Turf fungus preventative   

Once fungus invades your lawn, it can be difficult to treat. Proper lawn care practices will surely help in lawn fungus prevention and treatment. Our landscaping professionals can ensure that your lawn reaches its full potential for thickness, health, and beauty through timely lawn maintenance.

Turf fertilization

An effective fertilization program is vital to your lawn’s longevity and health. Get the most out of your investment by maintaining a regular professional lawn fertilization program. The professionals at Southern Botanical know all that there is to successfully fertilize commercial lawns. We take into account every detail, including the age of your landscape, the variety of your grass, the time of the year, your turf’s overall health, and the services that will work within your budget.

Tree and shrub care

This season is perfect for trimming and pruning some tree and shrub varieties. Trimming your plants is not only aesthetically important, it also keeps them healthy when done the right way and at the right time. Do not be worried about the details, not when you can trust your trees and shrubs to professionals who can do the job right.

Other recommendations this month:

  • Scalping & cool season grass seed application
  • Seasonal color – Winter
  • Fall pumpkin displays
  • Landscape lighting
  • Firewood and fire pits
  • Turf fungus preventative
  • Wildflower seeding: purchasing and preparing for October installation)
  • Plans for enhancements to the irrigation system
  • Turf and bed compost tea application 

Modifying commercial landscaping strategies for cold temperatures

The changing seasons often mean having to adjust your lawn care strategies. For some commercial properties, this can be as basic as keeping it neatly raked and mowed. For others, the start of fall means that it’s time to reseed so that new grass can take root before the colder weather arrives.

Southern Botanical will carefully assess your lawn so that your property will be prepared for any special maintenance. Contact your Dallas landscaping company today so we can take care of your grounds, leaving you more time to focus on your business.