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Why is Tree Pruning During Winter Necessary?

Why is Tree Pruning During Winter Necessary | Dallas Landscaping Company

You may have heard that tree pruning is extremely beneficial to maintain the health and beauty of your trees, but do you know why? 

If you are serious about having healthy trees in your landscape, you must understand that pruning them is a must. How well you take care of your trees determines its strength, shape, and longevity.

With the leaves all gone and winter in full swing, you may not be giving your trees that much thought. But the reality is, winter is a great time for tree pruning! In fact, there are a number of major pruning work that should only be tackled during the cold months. 

During winter, your shrubs and trees enter a dormancy state. Trees take a “rest,” and leaves fall off until the warmer temperatures encourage them into new growth.

Tree pruning during winter has plenty of benefits – not only for your trees, but for you!

1. It’s easier to see and evaluate the form and structure of your trees

Once the leaves have dropped and the leaves are out of the way, your tree’s form and structure are in plain sight. It’s easier to really see the plant’s overall form and spot dangerous or dead branches since it is not obscured by foliage. 

2. It is less stressful for your trees

If the trees could talk, they would most likely tell us that they prefer to be numb while we cut! During wintertime, your shrubs and trees are dormant. They will be able to heal more quickly after pruning – thanks to your tree’s extra root and energy reserves this season – and you’ll do less damage when you prune. 

3. It limits exposure to diseases and pests

A lot of diseases and pests that infect trees through pruning cuts are typically dormant during the colder months – another great reason to consider winter pruning! During this time, those open pruning cuts will less likely attract insects which could actively infect plants like they might during spring. 

4. It encourages growth

Pruning boosts the tree’s overall health, encourages flower production, and makes the tree – and your landscape – healthy and beautiful. However, you must do it the right way! Improper techniques might cause more harm than good, and can cause the tree some permanent damage.

 5. It contributes to your tree’s longevity

If you are new to tree pruning, you might think that the task is nerve-wracking. However, effective pruning actually makes a tree stronger. This means that your tree can better withstand high wind, storms, snow, and ice. Tree pruning also enhances a tree’s air circulation, and this keeps certain diseases at bay. 

Call Southern Botanical – we’re pruning pros!

Thoughtful tree pruning during winter will allow you to enjoy the blooms and fruits of your labor during the warmer months. 

You can choose to prune your trees and shrubs, or take the easiest, surefire step yet – let your local Dallas landscaping company tackle the job expertly. We understand that pruning can be intimidating and a bit tricky, and that improper pruning techniques can cause unwanted damage.

Southern Botanical understands just what your shrubs, trees, and turf need, regardless of the season. Contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!