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Trimming and Pruning in Spring

Trimming and Pruning in Spring | Dallas Residential Landscaping Services Company

As you admire the fresh growth in your yard this season, you might have noticed something else, too – such as an excessive growth of a shrub or tree that needs cutting.

Well-maintained plants are more attractive, healthier, and safer. Contrary to trees that grow in the forest, landscape trees need a higher level of care to maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity.

Generally, the best time to prune and trim most trees is during the winter. But there are no hard and fast rules. As your trees end their winter dormancy, proper trimming and pruning during spring can give your plants, trees, and shrubs a good start for the season.

Southern Botanical, your residential landscaping services provider in Dallas, TX, shares the benefits of pruning and trimming trees. Read on.

Before pruning or trimming:

If you have done routine maintenance on your shrubs and trees during the winter, that still counts as dormant pruning. This practice has its own benefits. It puts less stress on the tree, results in new growth come spring, and the spread of disease is greatly reduced.

With that said, spring pruning and trimming is still safe to do, as long as you don’t remove more than 10% of the tree’s branches.

Your goals

If you are itching to have your yard maintained this season, your goals should be:

  • Aesthetics – by trimming trees and shrubs in specific ways, you can encourage flowering, as well as shape them to your ideal shape and height.
  • Safety – this is not always considered, but is a great reason for pruning and trimming. Diseased trees and dead or weak branches and limbs are a hazard to people and property.
  • Plant health – Removing dying, diseased, or dead branches will enable your trees to grow healthy. Doing this will not only enhance the look of your trees and shrubs, it will also support new growth.

A lot of landscape trees, shrubs, and plants benefit from pruning and trimming, but it is essential to prune the right way, at the right time of the year. Pruning and trimming must be done with a good grasp of tree biology, since improper techniques can shorten the tree’s life or create lasting damage.

If you need professional landscape maintenance this season, your residential landscaping services provider in Dallas, TX is here to help! Give us a call today at 214.366.2103.


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