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Top Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Top Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips | Landscaping Company in Dallas, TX

Everyone loves summer – the warm temperatures, backyard play, and outdoor barbecues with the family. Surely, having fun family activities in a beautiful green lawn will make the whole experience more enjoyable!

Follow these top summer lawn maintenance tips from Southern Botanical, your landscaping company in Dallas, for a lush, entertainment-worthy lawn.

1. Water

Give your lawn a much-needed drink, but do it the right way. How you water your lawn is more important than how often you water. Keep in mind that plants, as well as your turf are resilient, and if healthy, are well-equipped to deal with the summer heat.

Here are some efficient watering tips:

  • Do not water too often. A daily, light sprinkling will be more detrimental to your lawn as it will be more prone to drying out.
  • A good soaking at least once a week is more recommended.
  • It’s best to water early in the morning or during the evening, when the moisture is more likely to soak.

2. Mow

To minimize the frequency of mowing, most homeowners are tempted to mow their grass short. This will make your turf more vulnerable to weed invasion and changes in temperature. Keep the height of your grass about 1 to 2 inches thick for warm weather grasses, like Bermuda. Generally, about 3.5 inches is a good height for common grasses.

3. Keep your turf healthy

To ensure the healthiest grass, have your lawn aerated. This will boost oxygen flow. Remember too that weeds steal important nutrients; it’s best to remove them right away.

4. Fertilize

It’s not too late to fertilize your grass during the summer months. Warmer weather encourages growth, and this will use up the soil’s nutrients. Help your lawn by giving it some valuable feeding.

5. Pest control and management

Be on the lookout for pests, as some of them are more active during summer. Learn to identify common summer lawn pests like grubs and cinch bugs, and check for feeding symptoms like brown patches of grass throughout the season. If your lawn starts to wilt, it could be a sign of a pest infestation.

These summer lawn maintenance tips will keep your lawn looking its best this season. Summer is also a good time to think about having a lawn irrigation system installed. This, and choosing the right plants for your lawn will help your yard win the battle against drought. Plants that are native to your area can adapt well to your weather conditions. You may get in touch with us for professional advice anytime!


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