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Top Qualities of an Exceptional Landscape

a city park with a checkered walkway and flower beds | Southern Botanical

You know when you’ve seen an exceptional landscape. But what exactly makes it extraordinary? Regardless of the property or its style, there are seven things outstanding landscapes have in common.

Southern Botanical promotes best practices and quality standards in commercial landscaping and set a bar high for every client and every property we serve. Everyone in our team participates in continuous training and participate in strict quality standards to make sure that you receive consistently first-rate results.

What The Green Standard Means to Us

It’s the disciplined approach we take to upholding the highest standards of quality in all we do. The Green Standard means never cutting corners and ensuring maximum value in the long run by creating healthy, sustainable landscapes from the inside out.

What are the top qualities of an exceptional landscape? Allow us to elaborate.

Site cleanliness

Whether it’s litter, landscape clippings, or debris from a typhoon, it has no place in your commercial space. Our high standard of excellence involves consistency in cleanliness to uphold your business and your property’s curb appeal.


Weeds not only detract from your property’s appearance; they also redirect valuable resources from plants. The Green Standard involves a manicured property that mirrors the pride you – and we – take in your property’s maintenance.

Crisp edge beds

Crisp edge beds accentuate perfectly all the different spaces in your lawn and lend a unifying element to your landscape’s design. But more than just an issue of appearance, edging helps to keep the turf from creeping into or spilling onto surrounding areas. Overgrown beds can harbor pests, cause visibility issues, and create safety issues. Thoughtful trimming and pruning keep plants within the intended bounds.

Green turf

A lush, healthy lawn is extremely inviting. However, a dried-out and stressed turf is anything but. Dead grass that tracks into surrounding buildings is very visually unappealing, plus, it can make your grass more susceptible to pests and diseases that can cause problems in the long run.

Stunning blooms

Southern Botanical knows the value of using all assets of your property to your best advantage. We understand that having nicely maintained color beds is a powerful way to communicate to your potential clients and existing customers that you care about the details. Vivid bursts of color create a welcoming brand image and draw attention to your property. We evaluate all displays for adherence to your brand standards, as well as the quality of design and execution.

Neatly pruned shrubs and trees

We understand that improperly maintained or neglected shrubs and trees can be hazardous to property and people; and that they can be costly to replace. Any sign of overgrowth is unsightly, and it can reduce visibility, block pathways, and create dangerous conditions. Diseased or dead branches can injure anyone. Hence, pruning and trimming are two of the key services that we offer.

Mulched beds

Mulching is an integral part of landscape care. It helps suppress weeds, provides a finished look, saves water, regulates soil temperature, improves the nutrient intake of the soil, and enhances the soil quality.  This season, mulching is important to help protect the plants from changes in temperatures.

We consider all these factors in every property we serve, providing expectations that are clear, and a cohesive, dependable result.

Do not be embarrassed for having high standards. Every team member in our company does, too. When you partner with Southern Botanical, we give you outstanding commercial landscaping services every time and many reasons to feel confident in your property’s upkeep.