Tips from a Recruiter: How to Get Hired at Southern Botanical

Landing a job at Southern Botanical, one of the most successful local landscaping companies in Dallas Fort Worth, can be a competitive process. With the right guidance, though, you can increase your chances of accelerating your career in the green industry. Keep reading to gain invaluable insights and tips from Southern Botanical’s in-house team of recruiters who know the ins and outs of the hiring process. We’ll cover everything from what to expect from the application process to taking our unique culture assessment and ultimately joining the team. Let’s dig in!


Southern Botanical is always looking for smart, kind, and motivated people to join the team. The application process and timeline may vary based on the type of position you’re applying for (frontline, management, corporate support, internships, etc.). It’s not uncommon for some applicants to be hired within a week or two of applying, while others may choose to get to know the company over an extended period of time before they are ready to make the transition from their current job. Whatever your timeline, we believe in always having the next star player ready and waiting on the bench.

Before you even apply for a position at Southern Botanical, there are a few crucial things to consider:

  • Get to Know Us: Our culture of excellence attracts achievement-oriented, team players. It’s important that you take the time to learn about our history, vision, and values to ensure you’re excited about the work we do and the way we do it. Browse through our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see what daily life is like at Southern Botanical.
  • Reach Out to a Team Member: If you have questions after looking through our website and social media, connect with one of our recruiters or team members on LinkedIn. They can share more about our company culture, help you determine if you are qualified to apply, and answer any specific questions you have. You’ll find we have some of the most friendly, knowledgeable team members in the industry.
  • Customize Your Resume: Your resume is your first impression, so make it count. Highlight relevant skills, experience, and qualifications that match the job you’re applying for. Tailoring your resume to our company and the role you are applying for can make all the difference.
  • Go the Extra Mile: Stop by our office to say hello in person. Include a well-written cover letter that sets you apart from the competition. Come up with a unique project or experience to highlight your interest. Find ways to show us why you’re a great fit for the Southern Botanical team!


Once you’ve passed an initial screening with a recruiter, you may be invited for an interview with the hiring manager. Here’s how to make the best impression:

Team Members Dressed in Landscape Professional
  • Dress Landscape Professional: We believe in equal business stature. That means any one of our employees could walk into a room with one of our esteemed clients (many of whom are CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners) and fit right in. We value professionalism in the way our employees present themselves. Dressing well for your interview demonstrates a commitment to our culture of excellence from the start.
  • Plan for Traffic: Our headquarters are located off of I-35 where traffic delays are common. Plan extra time in your commute to allow for traffic delays and ensure that you are able to arrive 5 minutes early.
  • Come With Questions: One of our core values is “never stop growing”. Asking thoughtful questions is a great way to show our team that you’re genuinely interested in the role you’re applying for and want to learn more.

“Be ready to share why you are excited to be part of our team. We are The Green Standard in the industry and we hire the best!”

Jennifer T. | Senior Recruiter

Taking a Culture Inventory

Southern Botanical places a strong emphasis on cultural fit. We believe in analytics over instincts when it comes to understanding how a new employee might fit into their role and team. Taking a data-driven approach allows us to combat natural bias during the hiring process and add a measure of objectivity to evaluating natural strengths for different roles. After passing initial interviews, you’ll be asked to fill out a short culture inventory. Here’s how to navigate it:

“Just be yourself! We do our best to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The Culture Index is just another way for us to get to know you better.”

Lesley E. | Recruiter

  • Take a 10-Minute Inventory: We request you take the Culture Index survey. Don’t worry, it’s not a personality test and there are no right or wrong answers. Be authentic and don’t overthink it when you’re taking the inventory.
  • Find the Right Seat on the Bus: The goal of our hiring process is to get the right people in the right seat on the bus (a concept popularized in Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great“). When you work with a busload of great people and you’re in a role that fits your strengths, then success naturally follows.
Southern Botanical Account Managers Inspecting a Property

Joining the Team

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the hiring process, and now it’s time to become a part of the Southern Botanical team. Here’s how to make a smooth transition:

“Make sure you take lots of notes during onboarding. During your first few weeks, take the time to meet people outside of your team and ask lots of questions. You never know what you might learn and everyone here loves to help.”

Leticia G. | Human Resources Assistant

  • Embrace Onboarding: During your initial days at the company, embrace the onboarding process. It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know your teammates, understand the company’s procedures and expectations, and integrate into the team seamlessly.
  • Never Stop Growing: Producing high-quality work, collaborating effectively, and showing a strong work ethic will start you off on the right foot. Be proactive about discussing ways you can continue to grow and take advantage of the many training and professional development opportunities offered to further your career within the company.

Landing a job at Southern Botanical is an exciting opportunity to work at a strong, stable, and growing local company. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of growing your career at Southern Botanical.

Southern Botanical is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. In compliance with federal law, anyone who is offered employment will be required to verify their identity and show proof of eligibility to work in the United States.