Tips for Decorating Your Outdoors this Fall | Southern Botanical - your landscape contractors in Dallas, TX

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Tips for Decorating Your Outdoors this Fall

Tips for Decorating Your Outdoors this Fall | Southern Botanical - your landscape contractors in Dallas, TX

It’s time to welcome fall in all its glory! This means pumpkin everything, cozy hayrides, and swapping all those warm weather decors to make way for some fall home decorations. To make a statement, you have to impress family and friends before they even walk in your doors. Gourds, wreaths, garlands, and pumpkins will help get your guests in the spirit of the season, and add the needed curb appeal to your home.

Even if you are not into the classic fall colors of browns and oranges, don’t worry, there is always something for each color palette. Want a lighter set-up? Decorate with corn stalks. Have a bright front door? Putting a mini-pumpkin patch of neutral colors in your front door will give a good contrast.

These tips and ideas from Southern Botanical, your landscape contractors in Dallas, TX, will help bring all the fall magic straight into your outdoor area.

1. Fall garland

There’s nothing like a fall garland to update your entryway instantly for autumn.

Fall Garland
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2. Fall crate

Add height to your fall plants and pumpkins by stacking a few painted crates. Line the bottom with hay, and align the crates however you please.

Fall Crate
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3. Go metallic and bright

Putting plain orange pumpkins is a popular choice, but you can also bring life into your garden with cascades of gray, off-white, and copper. Bonus points if you have some used lanterns that you can spray paint to match.

Go Metallic and Bright
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4. Personalize your pumpkins

Commemorate your family’s name with the next best thing to a doormat – your garden or front porch pumpkins!

Personalize your pumpkins
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5. Create a pumpkin cart

Give your outdoors more reasons to shine this season by stashing gourds and pumpkins on a pumpkin cart. Intersperse some greenery to add more flair to your fall décor.

Create a pumpkin cart
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6. Use black and white details

Go out of the ordinary and dress up your garden with a few cozy lanterns. Put some pumpkins into the mix, then dress your lanterns with a few black and white decorative bows to make a statement.

Use black and white details
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7. Fall sign

Spice up your outdoors with a DIY handmade sign, which highlights all fall festival delights.

Fall Sign
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8. Beautify your porch

There is no need to break the bank to achieve this simple outdoor fall idea. It’s highly possible that you own most of the materials you’ll need.

  • Wooden ladder – plus points if you have a cozy blanket to display on every rung.
  • Bushel basket – use it to corral outdoor items, or repurpose it as a rustic planter.
  • Grapevine wreath – put some apples and nesting nuts to dress it up, then use a burlap ribbon to hang them.
Beautify your porch
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9. Use rustic planters as a container for seasonal blooms

Garden lovers, rejoice: the summer months of tending to your garden may be almost over, but mums, pansies, and dahlias and  are great fall flowers, thanks to their late growing season. Put some rustic olive buckets stuffed with these beautiful flowers to brighten your outdoors.

Use rustic planters as a container for seasonal blooms
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Image credit: Pinterest

10. Repurpose your ladder

This outdoor décor can look great on your porch as well as in your garden!

Repurpose your ladder
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Do not forget  your garden! Fall is the time to manage soils, prepare sods, clean up beds, and control issues that might surface during the new growing season. It’s also a great idea to pull out tender summer bloomers and plant spring blooming bulbs. If you need help with fall garden preparations to guarantee a bountiful and beautiful garden in the seasons to come, don’t hesitate to call us at Southern Botanical, your landscape contractors in Dallas, TX.