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The Benefits of Turf Aeration

The Benefits of Turf Aeration | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Simple and consistent maintenance can go a long way in having a healthy lawn. Your lawn is like a car. As the fall season approaches, there are specific upkeep requirements that your car needs, suck as getting an oil change or rotating tires. For your lawn, the best time to aerate is in the spring or fall. All those summer months spent enjoying the lawn can result in soil compaction due to heavy foot traffic. The compacted surface inhibits air, water, and nutrients from reaching the root system of your plants and turf. 

To remedy soil compaction, heavy thatch, and promote good lawn health, schedule a fall aeration service with your Dallas landscaping company. Read some of the top turf aeration benefits to better understand the importance of this service.

Reduces soil compaction

Turf aeration enhances the air exchange between the atmosphere and soil, reducing the soil’s density. Compacted soil deprives your turf of necessary air circulation, inhibiting the healthy flow of essentials needed to support a healthy, thick turf. Aeration creates openings in your soil, allowing essential water and air in the soil, helping them penetrate the grassroots. 

Lessens the build-up of thatch

Thatch is the layer of dead grass and organic matter that tends to build up on your turf. Thatch should be ideally kept at least half an inch thick, otherwise, it will deprive your lawn of essential nutrients. Manage that build-up through core aeration, which will introduce microorganisms that can effectively decompose thatch. 

Enhances the overall health of your turf

Having better access to water, air, and fertilizer will strengthen your turf’s root system. Through turf aeration, the grass will become denser and are able to stretch and grow. 

Reduced puddling and water runoff

Turf aeration could be the fix you need if you find that your yard has puddling or runoff issues, especially after a rain. 

Good preparation for winter dormancy

Make sure that your lawn is in great shape before it goes dormant during the colder months. Pairing turf aeration with fall fertilization is always a good idea, since properly aerating before fertilizing will help introduce the nutrients more effectively. 

Yes, turf aeration is essential to a lush and healthy turf. If your lawn is ready, contact your Dallas landscaping company today: 214.366.2103.