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The Benefits of Hardscapes in Commercial Properties 

The Benefits of Hardscapes in Commercial Properties | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Did you know that when it comes to commercial landscapes, the best ones are a fusion of softscapes and hardscapes? 

Southern Botanical understands that there are a lot of ways we can assist our commercial property owners and managers use their property to meet their specific goals – most especially when the softscape and hardscape are working in harmony.

Learn more about the benefits of hardscaping; read on.

First, it’s essential to identify the difference between your softscape and hardscape. Trees, bushes, plants, shrubs, soil, and grass – and all else that is growing and green – is part of the softscape. 

Hardscape is a critical element of landscape design, giving it definition and a sense of organization to the natural features and areas of your property. They are the non-living elements in your landscaping, built from hard materials like concrete, stone, and wood.  

People normally associate hardscapes with homes or residential areas. After all, everyone loves to have a natural, sustainable oasis in their backyard garden where they can entertain family and friends on the weekend, or simply have a serene space to unwind after a long day. However, hardscapes also play an important part on commercial landscapes as well, whether it be an industrial complex that needs a safe, clean, and professional landscape for pedestrians and delivery trucks; a commercial office park that gives a comfortable, safe environment for tenants to enjoy a brisk walk outdoors or to relish  a quiet lunch; a hotel, with the aim of being inviting and aesthetically pleasing enough to catch the attention of other establishments across the street; or apartment buildings, which need to have great curb appeal while providing a welcoming space for both prospective and current residents. 

Some practical and functional hardscape elements include:

  • Natural brick, stone, interlocking pavers, flagstone cement, foot paths, and sidewalks
  • Retaining walls made of stacked stone, brick, or other materials to provide a natural seating area, to act as a decorative border, or prevent soil erosion
  • Pergolas, trellises, or arbors for climbing roses or flowering vines
  • Outdoor fireplaces so people can still enjoy the outdoors during the colder months
  • Decks or gazebos to provide a nice gathering space
  • Edging to create distinct borders around trees, flower and plant beds, and hedges
  • Water features like natural stone waterfalls or fountains to add to the beauty of your landscape while supporting the natural ecosystem

Southern Botanical has the experience, knowledge, tools, and skills to help you build a plan for hardscape installation and maintenance – one that can help you achieve your business’ goals. We are experts in softscapes and hardscapes, and we can build, create, and maintain a landscape where everything works perfectly well for the best interest of your company. If you are ready to add new hardscape to your property, we encourage you to get in touch.