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The Benefits of Fall Turf Scalping and Seed Application

The Benefits of Fall Turf Scalping and Seed Application | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Proper timing and knowing the right techniques for fall landscape maintenance are keys to keeping your lawn healthy and thriving. Get everything right, and you can enjoy a healthy lawn that will endure the harsh winter weather and a lush landscape come spring.

While there are a lot of strategies for keeping your landscape in great shape, homeowners and property managers should not overlook lawn scalping and seed application as part of their annual landscape care. Give your lawn a head start this fall season; read on. 

What is Lawn Scalping?

Lawn scalping is a process that involves cutting your grass shorter than the usual to remove dormant grass, allow optimal conditions for seeding, and promote spring growth. 

Here are the reasons why you should incorporate lawn scalping in your fall lawn care routine:

  • Promotes growth – scalping will make it easier for grass seeds to reach the soil, and will help kickstart its transition to spring growth.
  • Disease control – the process of lawn scalping helps prevent lawn diseases. Lawn scalping eradicates thatch, which holds moisture and can harbor fungi, making your lawn susceptible to pests and diseases.
  • Allows your lawn to get much-needed nutrients – Thatch build-up impedes your lawn’s ability to receive the nutrients and sunlight it needs. Air and water will not also reach your lawn’s roots, making it susceptible to drought. 

Lawn scalping might seem simple enough, however, it must be done carefully and professionally to avoid potentially harming your lawn. As soon as your lawn is properly scalped, it is time to plant new grass by overseeding.  

When to Scalp

The gap between the summer heat and the cooler fall temperatures is a critical time to prepare your lawn for the coming seasons. Autumn is the best time to supplement your current lawn with more seed for healthier, thicker growth. The combination of cooler air and warm soil temperatures will provide an ideal environment for your turf to grow. 

When it comes to scalping and overseeding your lawn, timing makes a big difference. Below are some reasons why the fall season provides optimal conditions for new growth:

  • Less foot traffic – You are most likely to have less foot traffic on your lawn as the temperatures cool.
  • Soil temperature – The soil condition and temperatures during the fall season provides the best environment for lush growth.
  • Develop thicker roots – Seeding your lawn during the fall season will give it a lot of time to develop thicker and deeper roots in preparation for the cold winter weather. 

Preparing Your Lawn for Fall

Whether you are concerned about filling in bald spots, growing new grass, or generally having a thicker lawn, the fall season provides a lot of opportunities for lawn maintenance. 

Knowing when to scalp, overseed, and apply a fall pre-emergent treatment will give you a green and healthy lawn in the coming spring. However, this can be a delicate process. Schedule your professional fall landscape maintenance appointment from September to early October for best results.