SoBo’s Unique Role at Oakwood Cemetery

SoBo's Unique Role at Oakwood Cemetery
Photo via Rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

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Memories – they are alive in every memorial garden and cemetery. And Oakwood Cemetery is a special place that has memories to share, stories to tell, and a history to preserve.

Southern Botanical understands that special places require special care, and recently, its teams played a crucial role in caring for the cemetery grounds. In the 165-acre, 144-year-old cemetery filled will tree-lined streets, lies 38,000 great individuals from Texas – Governors, veterans, University Presidents, inventors, athletes, educators, from as early as the Civil War. 

Preserving historic architecture is essential, and healthy trees pose less of a threat to monuments and mausoleums on the property. Indeed, it is an enormous project that requires careful handling of about 2,440 trees, and a measure of special expertise. 

“The cemetery’s preservation led trustees to hire the services of Dallas-based Southern Botanical to remove dead and damaged trees, then prune and maintain the remaining trees for the next five years. As part of its management plan, the company digitally mapped the trees, attaching a coin-sized numbered metal tag to each while labeling their species, location and condition.”

SoBo's Unique Role at Oakwood Cemetery
Photo via Rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

With the number of mature trees surrounding Oakwood Cemetery’s historic grounds, company arborist Steve Clary said:

“The job was both quantitatively and qualitatively challenging. Trunks and branches could not be cut and dropped due to fear of breaking surrounding headstones and monuments.” Clary further said, “Though tall, leafy trees and quiet cemeteries might seem a logical match, that is the view from above. Below the surface, graves and coffins cut and confine trees’ root systems, causing problems that can affect their health.”

Southern Botanical provides comprehensive tree care services for a variety of companies and organizations around DFW. We are more than just a service provider. We deliver not only the highest standard of service, but efficiency and a personal touch. We treat every property and tree that we help maintain as if it were our own. 

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