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Signs That Your Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization

Signs That Your Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization | Dallas Tree Care Services

We all know the important role that fertilization plays in keeping our turf green and healthy. But you might be forgetting that trees need fertilizer to keep them happy, too. Fertilization is a vital part of tree care because it gives your trees a boost of nutrients, making them better prepared to withstand pests and other extreme conditions.

Have you fed your trees lately? If your answer is no, they might be hungry – or worse, starving. The root system of trees penetrates deep into the soil, and if the soil is not healthy, your trees won’t be, either. It takes some time for surface fertilization to reach the tree’s roots, and this is why deep root fertilization is necessary.

How can you tell if your trees need deep root fertilization? Here are some signs to watch out for.

Yellowing leaves

You can tell if your trees are under stress or are struggling to grow through yellowing of their leaves. To ensure that your trees are getting enough nutrients, pay attention to the color of their leaves.  

Small leaves  

Some of the leaves of trees shrink over time – and this should not be the case. This is an indication of a nutrient deficiency.  

Improper growth of new shoots  

Your tree may not be getting adequate nutrients if its new shoots have not reached the 6-inch mark. Fertilization is the key to help promote its overall growth and maintain its health.  

Dying branches  

Inspect the twigs and small branches on the sides and near the top of the tree and check if any of them are dead. This is a good indication that the soil is not nourished enough to transport and feed those branches. Deep root fertilization can ensure that your trees are healthy for years to come.  

If you notice any of the signs above, contact your Dallas landscaping experts right away.   

The Southern Botanical Tree Fertilization Program includes these services:

  • Two deep root fertilization treatments per year
  • Annual tree assessment by an ISA-certified arborist
  • Application of deep root fertilizer by Southern Botanical’s tree experts

Deep root fertilization doesn’t just help your trees grow better foliage. It also protects them from harsh environmental aggressors too, like pest infestations and harsh weather. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and qualified arborists.