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Reviving Your Lawn this Spring

Reviving Your Lawn this Spring | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Spring can’t come fast enough for many of us, especially after winter’s long reign on our lawns. Now that the weather is sunny and warm, it’s very tempting to jump right into the season. However, we advise that you start by reading our spring landscaping tips. With some careful planning, you can revive your lawn this season by adding texture, color, and warmth.

1. Welcome the season with flowers

Grace your landscape with a bounty of perennials and annuals that will keep your landscape beautiful, regardless of the season. Petunias, snapdragons, roses, and peonies are great examples of happy bloomers that will unfailingly create a charming atmosphere in your outdoor space. 

2. Rambling vines for added interest

Add dimension to your fence by putting some climbing vines of various heights. Rambling vines are a Texas staple and would immediately put a romantic vibe into your landscape. The blooms interlaced with foliage and tendrils are lovely wrapped around posts, fences, and columns. Clematis is a good example of a showy vine that offers a wide array of hues. If you want to showcase the traditional Southern charm, consider putting wisteria on a larger structure. Climbing roses can also provide show-stopping color from spring until well into the fall.

3. Some no-fuss options

Texas is home to a diverse number of plants that do not require a lot of attention or fuss. For example, Crinums is a variety of lilies that can handle extreme heat and doesn’t require fertilizing. Daylilies are not only a low-maintenance plant, it will also give your garden a splash of dazzling colors. Another self-sustaining choice is the black-eyed Susan. 

4. Play up dimension

No one wants a one-dimensional home, and you certainly wouldn’t want that in your landscape. Consider plants of varying sizes and shapes for your landscape. Hanging baskets and planters will not only help detract from a plain house feature, it can also pull attention to one specific area in your landscape that you want to highlight. It’s a great way to develop visual interest with little effort. 

5. Add shrubs

Don’t underestimate the power of blooming shrubs to make an impact on your outdoor space. A lot of them bloom in the spring and would give your landscape a nice burst of color early into the season. Evergreen shrubs can offer touches of green throughout the year.

These landscaping tips will have you welcoming the season with terrific color. Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping company, can help keep your landscape in good condition, regardless of the season.