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Preparing Your Backyard for Summer Gatherings

Preparing Your Backyard for Summer Gatherings

Summer means al fresco fun in the backyard, and now is the perfect time to make your landscape picture perfect!

As the weather grows warmer, most homeowners in the Dallas area are starting to plan for hosting family and friends in their homes. Preparing your lawn for backyard gatherings doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Everyone loves a backyard party, so we are here for some tips on how to get your lawn in top condition, just in time for summer.

Clean up

Making your backyard look presentable starts with cleaning up yard waste, including dead branches and leaves. Give your backyard a clean slate by cleaning up waste next to bushes, under decks, and in the corners of fences.

Patios and walkways – remove any mildew, moss, and dirt with a hose or pressure washer. If you notice crumbling in your concrete or mortar, contact your Dallas landscaping company.

Now is also a great time to consider investing in making upgrades to your hardscaping, especially if you are going to host multiple gatherings. This may include adding steps to a natural incline, adding landscaping walls and beds to block out specific areas in your lawn, and creating walkways from your backyard entrance or deck.

Outdoor furniture – give all your backyard furniture a quick cleaning. Check for molds and cobwebs, and wash all fabric cushions if you have any.

Ensure that you have a healthy lawn

One of the first things that your guests will notice is your lawn’s condition, so make sure to take care of any glaring issues before they walk the green carpet. Your lawn can look great, despite the blazing sun and hours of foot traffic.

Lawn aeration loosens compacted soil and creates openings in the soil, allowing essential water and air to penetrate up to the grassroots. 

Fertilize your lawn to make sure that you have a healthy turf that is resistant to weeds and disease.

Trim shrubs and trees next. Inspect your yard thoroughly and remove any dead, diseased or dangerous branches. Proper pruning and trimming techniques are not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will also keep your trees and shrubs beautiful, healthy, and vibrant.

When done the right way, mulching can help save water, suppress weeds, and enhance the soil quality surrounding your plants. As a bonus, it will also give your lawn a tidy appearance! 

Lastly, check your plants for signs of pests. Keep an eye out for common summer lawn pests, and if you notice any unusual damage to any of your plants, be sure to ask for professional help.

From all of us here at Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping company, we hope that your summer backyard gatherings are a success. If you need any help in summer lawn preparation, do not have the right equipment or are unsure of how to do these tasks correctly, be sure to contact us.