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Popular Landscaping Services for the Fall Season

Popular Landscaping Services for the Fall Season

It will be fall season before we know it! Are you and your landscape prepared for the changing seasons? Residential owners, as well as commercial property owners and managers who have partnered with Southern Botanical, are. This is because our professional teams provide just about any landscaping services you require, which includes some popular fall landscaping services and upgrades.

Let Southern Botanical beautify your landscape today and keep it thriving and healthy in cooler weather.

Lots of blue hues

The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is Veri Peri, a vibrant, periwinkle blue that has a red-violet undertone. If the color appeals to you, then incorporate some blue-violet blossoms like cornflowers, pansies, Mexican petunias, Mexican oreganos, Texas sage, Texas bluebell, or anise hyssop. What a wonderful way to refresh your landscape!

As part of our landscaping services, Southern Botanical can source plants and flowers that will thrive season after season and rest assured that our professional teams can provide them with proper care.

Of course, we can always help you choose the color palettes that are best for your property.

Native plants

To showcase local beauty and to save on resources, some residential and commercial properties are incorporating native plants into their landscapes. These could be anything from flowering plants to succulents to ornamental grasses. Southern Botanical can not only source and care for plants that do well in the fall, we can also help you create a sustainable and beautiful area that showcases the beauty of the season.


The great thing about beautiful hardscapes is that it just doesn’t enhance your landscape for a single season, it lasts for many years. For business owners, they can choose to transform boring walkways into interesting footpaths that reflect the uniqueness of your company and attracts visitors to your location. Residential properties can choose to create dramatic outdoor views with a beautiful fountain or a soothing natural waterfall that makes for an ideal backdrop for entertaining family and friends.

Cleanup services to prepare for the colder months

Cleanup services will keep your property looking clean, safe, and neat this season and into the winter. Pruning and trimming bushes, ornamental trees, and hedges, managing the fallen leaves, and removing declining branches are all important parts of a fall season cleanup.

It is essential that this task is done regularly since a lot of pests can overwinter under debris or fallen leaves. Our professional team can let you know exactly which fall landscaping services will benefit your property the most.

Get in touch with Southern Botanical today to learn more about our fall landscaping services and how our professional team can keep your property beautiful and thriving every season.