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Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

It’s the time of the year when almost everyone has a pumpkin on their front porch and night temperatures are starting to drop! In a few short weeks, Texas trees will pop with autumn colors. From the classic autumn colors of red, orange, and yellow to vibrant purple and pink, this season offers us a whole new world of abundant hues. 

Careful planning can keep your landscape blazing with bright fall leaves and cool weather blooms. Southern Botanical has rounded up some of the best trees that bring out the best of fall colors.

1. Gingko

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

The ginkgo tree is one of nature’s best and oldest stunners during autumn. Almost overnight, its fan-shaped foliage will transform into sunny yellow, and can make even the simplest garden stand out. 

2. October Glory Red Maple

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

This is one of the best trees for red foliage. Standing up to 60 feet tall, they are a popular highlight at most garden centers.

3. Chinese Pistache

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

Growing up to 40 feet tall, the Chinese Pistache is a great landscaping choice. Once established, it provides great shade and is wind and drought tolerant. 

4. Cedar Elm 

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

A widespread native to the North Texas area, the Cedar Elm is one of the most adaptable trees available, and is a great choice for a street site.

5. Red Oak

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

The Red Oak stands out with its vibrant red and yellow color in the fall. They come in various shapes and sizes and is drought tolerant.

6. Sweet Gum

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

Native to the witch-hazel family, the Sweet Gum is a cool-season perennial that turn brilliant colors of orange, yellow, purple, and red in the fall. 

7. River Birch

Planting Trees to Showcase Fall Foliage

The ornamental River Birch turn vibrant golden yellow in the fall. It is considered one of the best drought and heat tolerant varieties in the Dallas area. 

Trees are extraordinary plants, and at no time is that more apparent in autumn. As they brace themselves for the cooler temperatures and start their transition to dormancy, they give us a magnificent display of vibrant foliage. 

Thinking about planting trees in the fall season? Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping company, is here to help guide and assist you through the entire process – from choosing the best tree to using proper planting techniques. Tree installation is often underestimated. If not done right, it can impact the longevity and growth of your trees. An experienced tree installation team is crucial to your tree’s health. Contact us for a free quote today: 214.366.2103.