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Planning Ahead for Long-Term Landscaping Success

Planning Ahead for Long-Term Landscaping Success

One of the most famous scouting mottos is “be prepared,” and this is a philosophy that we at Southern Botanical embrace. When it comes to your commercial landscaping, proper landscaping planning is best done sooner rather than later. In landscape maintenance, many factors come into play, so it is better to be prepared for everything that the changing seasons have in store.

At Southern Botanical, it is our job to think ahead for all of our clients, customizing a year-round landscaping plan to ensure overall beautification and plant health. Internally, we do a great deal of planning so that our clients don’t get overwhelmed with the details. All they need to do is sit back and enjoy the great results!


Spring is a time when we all look forward to budding leaves and warmer weather. This is a time when you have to make sure to have spring landscaping services booked to keep your turf healthy, trimmed and even. Your property might also need fertilization and cleanup to eradicate debris or dead plants left over from the previous season. This is also a great time to do some planting and fresh mulch to liven up your property and keep it healthy.


Summer in Texas is not a joke. This means that incorporating irrigation control to ensure that your plants and turf stay hydrated is crucial. Your trees may also need care to keep them healthy and thriving, hardscapes may need maintenance, weed management is needed for healthier turf, and plant and flower beds need proper care all summer long.


When it comes to landscaping, autumn is a season that calls for a lot of landscaping maintenance. Our company offers fall cleanup to keep the falling leaves from overtaking your landscape. To keep your trees healthy, we prune them and remove falling or dead branches. This season is also a great time for overseeding and aeration.


Ideally, you should be planning for cold and unpredictable weather during early fall or winter. You’ll never know what the winter season has in store. It is also a good time to do turf fertilization, leaf cleanup, as well as tree trimming and fertilization.

Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping company, is here to partner with you to make sure that you get the right services during the right times of the year. We will factor your long-term landscaping goals into your regular services. This way, your business is constantly making progress towards the enhancements you want.