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Now Is a Good Time to Mulch Your Commercial Property

Now Is a Good Time to Mulch Your Commercial Property

Merriam-Webster defines mulching as spreading a protective covering on the soil or ground – mainly organic matter – to enhance its condition.

When it comes to mulching, timing is everything. 

When is the right time to mulch? Generally, spring is mulching season, because it is when the soil is finally warming up from the cold temperatures during winter.

One of the obvious benefits of mulching your commercial grounds is the aesthetic value it provides. With the variety of mulches available, it can be a sound, low-maintenance solution for covering high-traffic places.

Utilizing organic mulches made of straw, compost, hay, wood chips, peat moss, or tree bark can have a beneficial impact on your turf and plants.

  • Water retention – mulching helps slow down the evaporation of water, keeping your plants better hydrated. Plus, it requires less watering frequency.
  • Erosion control – mulching will help keep the soil intact, instead of washing away every time it rains or blowing away with the strong winds.
  • Weed prevention – mulching makes it difficult for weeds to take hold and germinate. In case weeds do pop up, it will be easier to pull.
  • Enhanced soil health – as the organic materials break down, essential nutrients and microbes are sent back to the soil, reducing soil compaction, promoting good plant health, and removing the residual effects of fertilizers, pesticides, and other substances.

Good to know: Through soil temperature regulation, mulching has the potential to significantly reduce the effects of climate change. Truly, it’s a true sustainability powerhouse!

Proper application is important

Since mulching is absolutely essential to landscaping, proper application is crucial. It might seem simple enough a task, however, there are things that you need to keep in mind in order to prevent causing unintentional damage to your shrubs, trees, plants, and flowers.

For example, the depth of application is important, and should mostly depend on the kind of plant material you are mulching and the consistency and size of the material you are using.

Also, mulching should be applied at the correct distance away from plant stems and tree trunks to avoid rot, disease, and suffocation.

You also have to consider the time of the year, as mulching too early will slow down the warming process of the soil. On the other hand, mulching too late can prevent plant dormancy, since it will insulate the ground.

Trust your mulching needs to the professionals

As we have mentioned, mulches come in all sizes and forms, which include everything from paper, sawdust, compost, straw, stones, wood chips, tree bark, or other materials. Choosing one that is ideal for your commercial property’s needs is something that will require a ton of research on your part. Or you can contact your Dallas landscaping professionals who have the skill and expertise to do the job right.

With over 25 years of experience in landscaping, choosing Southern Botanical as your commercial landscaping partner would mean that you are leaving your property in good, capable hands. We will visit your property, make expert recommendations, formulate a plan of action, and get all your spring landscaping projects done – including mulching – correctly, and at the right time.

If there is one landscaping project that you would like to invest in this season, make it mulch. The health of your landscape depends on it, plus, the curb appeal of your commercial property will improve dramatically! Contact your Dallas landscaping experts for a free quote, and while you’re at it, ask us about our complete suite of commercial landscaping services.