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Make Your Commercial Landscape Fit the Season with Fall Colors

Make Your Commercial Landscape Fit the Season with Fall Colors

Autumn is just around the corner, and the lush greens of the summer landscape will slowly transition into rich shades of orange, deep harvest golds, and fiery reds. Now’s a good time to prepare your property to make a strong impression through some landscape enhancements! Make it complement the season by incorporating fall color into your landscape enhancement plan.

Flowers as the perfect accessory to fall foliage

Whether you are responsible for keeping occupancy rates high in an office complex, trying to attract new clients to your retail business, or managing a hotel or apartment community, maintaining a colorful, vibrant commercial landscape will do wonders in helping you achieve your goals throughout the seasons. Flowers are the perfect supplement to fall foliage; a wonderful way to enhance your property.

Benefit from the year-round color of evergreens

Keep your commercial property welcoming and green throughout the year through evergreens. Evergreens can be long-lived and hearty, they keep their color every season, make attractive borders that can also function as windbreaks for protection, and require limited maintenance.

Include ornamental plants to add texture and variety

One helpful way to add variety and texture to your fall landscape is by adding ornamental plants to your container arrangements and flower beds. These non-blooming plants will enhance your landscape and will be a nice complement to your flowers, plus, they will give a splash of color when the flowers are not in bloom.

Cool-weather plantings

Some of the most well-loved and popular cool-weather plantings that can keep your property vibrant and attractive through the season include:

  • Chrysanthemums bloom in a lovely range of colors. They are generally resistant to disease and easy to care for, making them a worthwhile addition to any commercial property.
  • Pansies and Violas come in shades of orange, yellow, burgundy reds, bright purples, and whites. They are hearty plants that are typically considered annuals; however, they are in fact perennial plants that thrive in the ground or in containers. These flowers are popular for their happy flowers that give a colorful display in the fall and return once again to bloom in the spring.
  • Ornamental Kale and Cabbage are very simple to care for. They grow in a lower profile and add attractive textures and shapes in vibrant hues of purples, reds, and pinks to set off the autumn flowers and leaves perfectly.

Fall is a great time to plant

Planting cool-weather blooms is a great way to create an inviting environment that blends well with the fall foliage and evokes warm feelings. Contact your local Dallas landscaping experts to help you design and execute a fall season landscaping plan that incorporates colorful plantings, annuals, and perennials, in a strategically-placed mixture of bright borders, container plants, and beautiful flower beds. Our experienced team can also install and maintain ornamental trees, evergreens, and hedges. Let’s start planning together today!