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Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscape

Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscape | Hardscape Dalls | Southern Botanical

Whether your home has a remarkable gated entrance with a wraparound patio and a water fountain, or a simple carport with a path to the front door, cleaning the hardscape can be easy to forget. Every year, homeowners pay a lot of attention on getting their landscape in order, and the patios, driveways, and walkways often fall behind.

Not only does your hardscape add functionality to your outdoors, it is also a good investment that you should protect. Just like we’ve always reminded clients that plants that are low in maintenance doesn’t equate to no maintenance, your outdoor hardscapes still need care to keep them looking their best all year-round.

Read on for some helpful landscaping tips from Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaper, on ways to maintain your hardscapes so that their aesthetic appeal doesn’t diminish.

1. Repair. Normal wear and tear can occur as time goes by, and cracked stones and concrete need replacing. It’s good to catch problem areas or complications early on – before they become more serious.

When there is base compaction or inadequate soil base, settlement can occur. When edge restraints are loose, pavers can move apart. These issues can be fixed by adjusting the settlement and removing the pavers.

2. Clean. Fading and hard stains can decrease a property’s value. To keep it neat, remove the weeds between the cracks. You may spray a weed inhibitor to keep them from spouting.

Before you dive into the cleaning project, you must first determine if the hardscape has been sealed or not. There are some cleaners that tend to strip the sealant. Before the overall cleaning, we also recommend that you spot clean stains from substances like grease. Treat the stains as early as possible, otherwise they will become harder to remove as they penetrate deeper. Scrub and rinse the paver with hot water after applying and scrubbing it with cleaning material.

Once the stains have been removed, you can now do an overall cleaning – with the use of a pressure washer or some serious elbow grease.

3. Seal. Sealing can protect your hardscape from stains and the elements. Depending on your preference, some have a glossy sheen that help intensify the pavement’s colors. Others have a matte finish.

Make sure that the surface is dry and clean. There should be no forecast of rain in the next 24 hours. You may need to reapply yearly – it largely depends on the sealant you use.

Note that if done incorrectly, pressure washing can be harmful to the hardscape. However, you have nothing to worry about. Our experienced professionals will use the correct nozzles, pressure setting, and distance to get your outdoor hardscape looking beautiful and pristine again. Interested in setting up a free consultation for your pressure washing needs? Call us at Southern Botanical, your Dallas Landscaper and Landscaping Services Company at (214) 366-2103.