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Lawn Aeration in Spring

Lawn Aeration in Spring

A healthy, beautiful lawn requires a lot more than regular fertilization and weed and pest control to flourish. Even when you have already scheduled for regular lawn maintenance services, your turf still needs to be able to absorb vital nutrients properly. In addition, expert help is sometimes necessary to aerate your lawn in spring, especially when it comes to maintaining a uniform appearance and filling in bare spots.

This is where Southern Botanical, your Dallas commercial landscaping specialists, can help. This article will cover the following:

  • Why lawn aeration in spring, as well as overseeding, is necessary
  • The basics of lawn aeration
  • The long-term benefits you will enjoy

Lawn aeration and overseeding basics

When do you need:

  • Aeration services – your turf needs air, water, and vital nutrients for it to thrive. When the soil is compacted, it will be difficult for the roots to receive the nutrients it needs. Lawn aeration is your solution to heavily compacted soil – it is the process of making small slits or holes in your lawn, allowing your turf to achieve maximum absorption and breathe easy.
  • Overseeding services – if your lawn is looking bare and patchy, overseeding just might be what it needs. Like aeration, there are two best times of the year to do this – spring and fall. Overseeding is recommended in spring for warm-season grasses. Fall is the best time for overseeding cool-season grasses. This process involves the scattering of grass seeds to help your lawn grow lush and thick. Combined with lawn aeration, this is a great way to rejuvenate your commercial property.

How Southern Botanical can help

If your lawn is starting to look shabby, there are a lot of factors to be considered. An average person may find it difficult to determine if lawn aeration or overseeding is needed. Our landscaping experts are here with the skill and expertise to assess your lawn’s health and identify what actions to take to get the best results.

Whether these services are needed or not, we are able to formulate a customized solution for your lawn that fits your budget and timeline.

Lasting benefits

Once essential landscaping maintenance and enhancement services are performed, you should be able to enjoy the long-term benefits, season after season.

Southern Botanical carefully tends to all of our clients’ needs – including aerating your lawn in spring – so that soil is less likely to become compacted, thatch is less likely to build up, and your turf stays green and lush. With our professional help, your landscaping investments will surely boost your curb appeal and help you attract and retain customers – today and in the future.